Firstly I’d like to say that I know this is in no way turn 10’s fault.

I pre-ordered the new Forza Horizon 3 ultimate edition (disc) directly from microsoft. This was on the understanding that it came with early access, as a disc copy, and would arrive on the 23rd of September (as stated on the product page “ULTIMATE EDITION OWNERS WILL HAVE EARLY ACCESS TO THE GAME ON 23/9/16”). However their chosen couriers UPS are yet to deliver the game to me almost 60 hours after the games early access release, and 36 hours after the release date and delivery date ended. The game has been held in a warehouse just a few hours drive from my house since 8:48am on early release day.

Part of the product I was sold was “early access” and I have quite evidently not received this - should I contact microsoft for compensation/help???

You contact whoever you bought it from

You seem to know this already so I’m not sure why you are asking

But what can they do about it? Ask for compensation?

They should gift us some game cash instead. I already bought c63 coupe from the auction house.

It was already available in the autoshow
Preorder car is just a pretuned version of the one already in the game