Still no way to increase cockpit FOV?!

Ok, so after not playing FH4 for over 2 years, I just bought an Xbox Series X and started playing again. A ton of stuff has been added, and I was loving how the game looks in 4k60fps along with some awesome new events and cars. However, one of my biggest issues with the game has still not been addressed, which is how close you are to the windshield in cockpit view! Not only that, Playground has even added an additional viewpoint even closer to the windshield!

Seriously? On the PC version you can at least increase the FOV to 55 degrees. It makes such a difference. This simple addition would make the game so much more enjoyable for me and millions of other players, why oh why has this still not been addressed? Literally every FH player I speak to and bring this topic up completely agree with me, especially those with steering wheel setups who mention how they need that FOV adjustment desperately. Any hope we get this issue addressed?

I realize that you’re paying on an Xbox and therefore playing on a standard aspect ratio, and that this problem effects me on a superultrawide a lot more than it does you, but they really need to add multi-vector rendering to the game before they address this, otherwise pulling out the FoV causes massive distortion to the game.

I also highly doubt that even a series X can maintain the game at 4k 60 fps with a significantly greater FoV. I’m not trying to be elitist by saying that, in fact the series X destroys any PC from a price to performance perspective, it’s just that 4k is still tough to run, even with the best hardware on the market.


Interesting response, but I feel the Series X can at least add a few more degrees to the FOV without distorting anything- I’m not trying to get a 90 degree angle here, even 55-60 degrees would make the interior view actually useable.

What’s funny is that my PC is actually more powerful than the Series X, but I don’t really game on it as I use it mainly for work (video editing) and I keep my work and play separate, hence the reason for buying the Xbox. Still surprised that this would be a hardware limitation. I’m hoping that FH5 will address this issue, but after hearing that it will also be releasing on the Xbox One, it keeps me apprehensive as I realize the older hardware still needs to be accounted for, unfortunately.

“any hope we get this addressed?” Pretty sure there is no hope…bear in mind where we are in the game’s life cycle (4 months from release of the next one( combined with how long they have done nothing about it and it’s safe to say they will continue to do nothing about it.

For what its worth, the Interior View varies from car to car, I think its the Ferrari 458 and 458 Speciale have two completely different seating positions between them (annoying), so this may be more noticeable on one car versus another. The problem with adding a FOV slider is that it would then need to be extensively tested for every car to determine how the Series S/X performance may be impacted, remember the game requires a VSYNC lock of 30 or 60fps so that has to be tested. Not saying it couldn’t have been done but FH4 is a dead game now with the FH5 announce. They’ll bug-fix, they won’t likely enhance or add.

PS: the reason for the “even closer” dashboard view is a nod to PC racing games that have offered that view for years, its designed for gamers sitting close to their monitors (PC) using a wheel and pedals set, so you feel like your “field of view” is more correct when you’re sitting with you rhands on a physical wheel, it removes the distracting wheel/hands and positions you more where you would be in an actual car.

For those of us on the couch its sort of an unnecessary view, but some people like being able to see the more tunnel-vision look of a hood cam while still having the gauges on screen……