Still don't have the Ford GT

No idea as to why but I’ve had the message saying I have to download the car but it’s not there, I have the ultimate edition. Was hoping that it would turn up but nothing as of yet.

I didn’t get my ford gt either

I’ve waited for over a week and I have the message saying that I played the demo and it will be located in my messages but I’ve checked the gift section of my messages and nothing has been in there saying ford gt or anything at all, I also checked the forza hub and nothing has been there saying I have been gifted it

i have the same problem the ford gt and my credits done everything I can think to fix it and still nothing even called xbox 4 times they ether hung up on me or gave me a phone # that didn’t work starting to get really mad can someone please help me!!!

Same here, but actually I did received the message with the Ford GT during my first session in the full game… clicked on it but actually the car never showed up in my garage (even in the free car list while browsing the buying options). I had to buy the car and never got the free one.

I am in the same boat, I have the message that states that I received the gift but it was no where in the message center, garage or the buy car section. I started my own thread with the actual message quoted word for word for what we get for a message that states us getting the car, and still nothing. Really hope Turn 10 figures this out before the forums turns into an uproar of this.