Free Ford GT not received from Demo

I Played the Forza motorsports 6 demo where I was informed that I had unlocked the Ford GT. However once I bought the game the ford GT is not in my garage despite having received a message informing me in the gift section saying that I did receive it. That message no longer appears in my inbox. Please, any solutions?

Is it not in the free cars tab where you go to buy cars

I am also having this issue!

Played the demo was told the Ford GT would be in my garage along with 100,000 credits. However, bought the game and no Ford GT or 100,000 credits.

Check your messages in FM6. You need to find the message and use the A button to download the gifts to your garage/bank. You might still need to go to the “Find a car” and get the car in the free tab. I can’t remember if it goes straight to your garage.

I have same problem, played demo, got the message, but no car in the full game. i have the game as disk version ! also i got the message in message center, but when pressing A nothing happens, and i can´t get the car in the free car section or anywhere else ! Please help

Can take a few days. just be patient.

I purchased one anyway to get the achievement.

I have same problem. There is a message in the Forza 6 message center stating that I got it, but no option to download the car.

Have you checked its not already in your garage

It will show up in your message centre to download, much like the rewards credit gifts do. Mine took about a week after I got the first message telling me that I would get the Ford GT

That’s a glitch alright; it should have been delivered to your profile by now. I got mines the day I installed the game from disk.

I received the message as well about the Ford GT in my message center from 3 or 4 days ago. I currently still do not have the car to download. Reading the above comments however, I will wait a bit longer.

Pretty sure mine went straight into my garage
If its the achievement you’re after you actually need to buy it for it to pop


I have the same problem.
I have already got the message, but there is no A button to download it, neither in the message nor on the Gifts tab.

I had the opposite problem. I never played or downloaded the demo, and I got the Ford GT.

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Still no Ford GT

Same Here…downloaded and played the demo and suppose to have the GT, but its not in the garage, free cars or listed as free in the ford section. Also I won the Bugatti Veyron from my first free spin and that’s not available as a free car either. What is going on!!!

if you want it so bad just buy it…it’s only 250,000 …if you don’t like you can sell it again for 125,000
you need to buy it for the achievement anyway

Has this been patched yet to read Buy instead of Own?

I didn’t get the Ford GT on my secondary account either, nor did it show up on my wife’s account (both played the demo and got the message). On my primary account it showed up straight away, together with the gifted credits from rewards. But yes, I had to download it.

I have the same problem. have you solved it?

My wife and I played the demo. We both got the messages. I downloaded her car then tried mine. My message did not have an option to download it, no A button. I’m guessing we are limited to one download per console, not one download per profile.