Played demo for Motorsport 6 but can't find 2017 GT in my garage

Also open installed the Forza Hub said I received 660,000 credits but where are they? Help

I didn’t even play the demo (didn’t have an XO until Forza edition console was released) and I got a message in the message center telling me to download my GT. Have you looked in the message center for your message to dl the car?

i also didn’t receive my 2017 ford gt called xbox 5 times now been hung up on 3 of the times then one woman gave me this number 425-706-0127 said it was turn 10s support# turns out its where they get there mail and was not at all what she said it was, I am still on hold as I type this and I’m beyond p issed, all I want is for the game to work as it is supposed to and give me what I’m supposed to get, my ford gt and my credits all it gave me was what you start with if you never played any of the forza games please just help me get my stuff pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!