Steering angle resets when entering Photo Mode

Anyone else notice that when you enter Photo Mode the steering angle resets? Even in a stationary vehicle if you hold left or right then press Up to take a photo you can see your driver feed the wheel back to center. It’s not so bad for static shots but quite annoying for taking photos of drifting and such when full lock gives a better look than the front wheels being straight.

The delay in entering Photo Mode is also annoying, I don’t remember it taking as long in FH3 or 4.


Don’t quote me on that, cause I haven’t used photo mode yet, but try it in offline mode. Don’t know if horizon solo is enough or do you need to disconnect from wi-fi.
Or wait until someone else will answer it :wink:


Cool, I’ll try that next time I’m playing and report back. Thanks!

This worked, thanks!

In Horizon Life, yes. Lately in H4 I’ve been checking body roll with photo mode… Also when online, upon resuming from photo mode and rewind, steering is momentarily inactive.

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Yes I have noticed this as well. I hope they fix this soon as it is why I bought the game was for photo mode.

this should go to bug reports, unless it’s already a known issue.

I’m having the same issue. There is a lag both when pressing up on the d-pad and when going into photo mode from the pause menu, and my steering always ends up pointing straight. I can confirm it works fine in solo, but FH4 did not have this issue. I’m playing on a Series X.

I have the same issue and I play offline mostly. It seems a bit random, or if anything, it will not happen during a race (meaning I can get a photomode pic with the wheels turned), but on free roam, I absolutely can’t take a picture with the wheels turned. I play on wheel and I tried steering the car with the keyboard but no success either. Really hoping this can be fixed

Same for…
Waiting for fix

Yes likewise, works in offline solo. This game seems a little unoptimised too which is sad.

It’s a little disappointing to see the time frame going into the photos mode for a maximum of 3 seconds and as a Forza photographer; I agree with you going in solo mode to take awesome pictures with the steering wheel turn in mid motion. happy photo taking!

For some reason your wheels straighten up when you go into photo mode, even when driving. This is actually really annoying and makes Photos boring. This wasnt like this when the game came out, what Happened? Hopefully this is a quick and simple fix.

This is because you are trying to take photos online, switch to Horizon solo and you’ll notice that the wheels stay turned.

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Thank You for telling me this. Also What in the Kentucky Fried Crack Rock BS is that? That is extremely Dumb. Thanks Again.

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This “feature” has been transferred from FH4.

I did not know this - excellent tip. Thanks

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You say it like if its “normal” that it only works in solo mode… lol. Ridiculous. But again, not surprised.

As much as it’s quite annoying that they don’t stay turned, you have to understand that to open the photomode on an online server means pausing everything that’s happening for you.

This takes time, which stops all gamepad input, meaning your taillights turn off or your wheel starts to straighten.

Try pausing next time in Horizon life and watch the sides of the screen, you’re car will move for a second or so before stopping and the pause menu comes up.

Literally never had this issue in FH4 where I took tons of photos. Most of the time I would take photos that would be spontaneous, I’m not going to waste my time switching modes just for a photo. Plus in Online now whenever you change a photo setting the time changes. I’m sure your explanation of why that bug exists and we shouldn’t complain about it is the same.