Start Your Engines Rivals | Feb. 10 - 22

Deadline: Tuesday February 22 at 3:59 PM Pacific time.

Celebrate 17yrs of Forza Motorsport! In honor of the first FM release in 2005, set a time at Maple Valley in FM7 to earn a 2005 NSX-R with a special Forza Motorsport livery and the first game’s driver gear! Also earn 200,500 in-game credits if you finish in the Top 50%.


…thanks for this, hopefully i can get under the global 50%


when do we get the rewards???

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I haven’t received anything for this event or the Racin’ in the Rain Rivals event either ? I finished well within the Percentages needed.
Anyone else have any issues or just me.

I have received the rewards for this event and the next one (Brands Hatch) yesterday. Finally managed to have 1 Driver Gear related to previous titles.

Now I wish they add more events to each of the anniversary and give us all those Driver Gears :slight_smile: