Starfield anyone?

Not long left. I did preorder (I know it’s on GP but mine expires end of sept and still up in the air what to do)

Much interest?

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I’ve got it preordered with early access, and I’m off tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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Vgc has a roundup of a number of sites with reviews.

Bit mixed, highs to above average.

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Waiting until I see it, because the blurb effectively says it’s the offspring of a one night stand between Fallout 4 and Elite Dangerous to me. You start mixing these two together you get the “joys” of Mass Effect Andromeda

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I’m waiting for the first person that manages to spawn an unintended Fallout Asset in this game, probably won’t take that long knowing the Bethesda Seal of Quality


EG have a piece on it. Most polished release from Bethesda apparently

87 on metacritic so far.

Few hours in.

Not impressed by the planet traversal. Boring. Even he me1 Marko would be better imo.

One glitch so far, big bug spawned on me after entering a building.

Got my rear handed to me by a lvl10 bug while I was still level 1. I nope’d out of there after too many attempts to admit.

Typical Bethesda. I forgot how slow the starts are.

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The question I have comes down to “do you think it will hold the attraction of Fallout 4” because I know how many days of game time I have in that, just in the main game without going into their mods, and it still draws me back despite main story completion and only the occasional side mission still going on.

Same as exploring in Elite Dangerous, after all these years it still pulls me back.

Do you think, so far, that unlike Fallout 76 (too much like Fallout 4, just because it’s an open world sandbox doesn’t mean it’s “better”) that same attraction will be there with what you have done so far as make a wrong turn in Fallout 3 or 4 when you are at the bottom of the level tree and, well, you don’t go back in that direcion for a while.

I haven’t picked it up yet. I’ve been lazy, I haven’t even showered yet and it’s almost 2 PM where I live. Will be on in 2 hours after I get ready.

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A few hours in. This is a good game. My first from Bethesda. The music is so good. It’s good enough to give me something to do on the weekends besides relax and watch Formula one. Would recommend to anyone who needs something to do with their spare time.

No bugs or anything as of yet, everything is running smoothly.

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I’ll find out in a few days, if it can grab me like Fallout 4 (17 days game time without turning to mods or retsatarting to cplete the main story a different way and counting) and not like Fallout 76 (I’ve tried, several times, but it’s never long before the uninstal button is hit) then it won’t just be done via Game Pass

I never really played Fallout apart from the odd bit if it was needed for a GP quest…just didn’t take my interest at all, so not clue if any comparison is accurate or not. My primary driver for getting Starfield was it’s early “comparison” (early as in before we knew many details) to Mass Effect. Having played for around 25 hours, here are my observations:

Most important (the first thing to consider with any game these days): Bugs. Given the scope of this game, have been surprised by how few bugs there are in it. Have found the odd ones: Enemies being blasted 20 feet into the air upon death (got to love the ones in low gravity as they can take 30 seconds to return to solid ground again!), characters facing the wrong way when talking in conversations, enemies not being aware of you till you are right in front of them. Those are the only bugs I can recall and certainly not game breaking in any way…it’s refreshing to play a game that works straight out of the gate (the last “new” game I played was Jedi Survivor and that was a mess)

Graphics: I play in 4k on the default settings (whatever the game chooses when first starting) and the game looks very good. Built up areas like cities etc do look excellent but, outside of those, it’s just “meh”. Could they have done more if the game were less massive in scope? Possibly but it’s fine.

Assets: Generally excellent but things do sometimes get repetitive. I have spent hours over the last few days just exploring Saturn’s moons…every cave that you encounter is pretty much “Hey, wasn’t I just here?”. Definitely has a ME1 feel of repetitiveness.

Combat is well done, albeit rather much of “I want more”. In this aspect, it feels very much COD and other combat games to me. I just want something more (ME had powers etc to set it apart, Halo has the wide variety of weapons). Ship combat I am not good at so can’t really say if it’s good or bad.

Skills: These I like. Unlock a skill and then work for it (kill x enemies, run a certain distance and so on). Makes you feel like you are achieving something. Can feel a bit grindy for some of them.

Negatives: I covered a few above but my biggest one is fast travel. On a planet, I found you can fast travel to some places but not a lot which means you can be travelling 1200m+ on foot, which takes too long. This game is begging for some sort of ground vehicle (imagine Mass Effect 1 without the Mako, Andromeda without the Nomad). This also covers planets…I took on an “extra” cargo mission but couldn’t complete it as I couldn’t travel to the planet in question (would have taken several IRL hours to travel there) as there was no fast travel (I believe because I hadn’t visited it yet)

Overall: I am enjoying the game, particularly exploring things…have done very little of missions, although the main ones I’ve done do take some time (multiple steps etc) which makes them fulfilling. As much as I love exploring, I feel like it didn’t need to be quite as massive in scope as it is. I think it will take a good 100 hours of gameplay really to be able to definitively say how much I like it but it has potential.

Edit: Despite the slight tediousness of wandering around to explore worlds and moons etc, it can pay off with some excellent finds…managed to acquire a brand new spaceship yesterday during one of my wanders which made up for the numerous minutes spent walking


Finally got around to it, about an hour in. A few minor quibbles, as far as the “space” side of things it ain’t no ED, but on the whole it ain’t no Mass Effect Andromeda (urgh!) either, but, as I say “minor” things that in some cases being bothered to remap some controls would solve.

Keeps like the first impression goes, and doesn’t get too repetitive quickly like Redfall, then I can see a few days/weeks “invested” (i.e. “Lost”) on this.

Not a 10/10, but no 7 either. So far.

PS. That’s on PC. Haven’t fired it up for lying on the couch with a beer console play yet.


@MikeJoe1990 man, you need to get into the older Bethesda RPGs. Fallout NV and Skyrim imo. Only if you have nothing else to play!

Edit: obsidian did NV, Bethesda published it. The outer worlds I recommend as well.

Got some decent playtime yday. Spent it on Neon, banging out quests.

Couple of quirks with quick resume so I stopped using it with SF.

Pity about the constant loading. Even with the xsx ssd it’s not insignificant at times. Bleh. Hangover from the creation engine probably.

The more I play the more I figure out mechanics and I like it a lot.


Space Loading Simulator :smile:

Didn’t like it at the start but am really into it now. Sure they couldn’t add certain things like seamless flight into planets cause of the way the game is built off tiles, but would have liked less loading screens for certain things like entering and exiting your ship on a planet or doors in towns like neon, sure the loading is so short but it kills the atmosphere… pun not intended

The fact it is so large with so much to do and explore wins in my book, plus the gun play is nice, feels connected.

So many laughs to be had like blowing up a tank next to an NPC on a moon with very little gravity and watching them shoot off into space, or getting attacked by some giant spider in the back of your ship and in the cutscene leaving the planet you see it fall out the back :rofl:

Some things should also be explained better but I guess there’s always google for that.

I feel IGN were harsh with their score on this one, maybe they have learned that giving a 10/10 makes you look rather silly :crazy_face:


I reckon I have spent the last 15 hours+ exploring the Sol system, just exploring the planets and moons or doing side missions etc and still haven’t done half of that system…yesterday made the mistake of actually looking at the overall galaxy (universe?) map and…holy something!! It is beyond huge. To explore every single planet, every single moon…I could see that taking 1,000 hours+ alone…that’s not including missions etc. I mean, I’m sure one would likely get bored of the exploring way before then but, still. The scope of this game is amazing yet too much at the same time.

I pre-ordered Motorfest, which can be played on Monday and am wondering if I will have time to play it!! I am looking ahead to Avatar in December thinking “WIll I have time to play that?”

Edit: So my estimation of 1,000 hours may be a tad conservative as I was looking for something and saw the pre-release saying that there are 1,000 planets to explore (had forgotten they’d said this)…if that’s the case then, allowing at least 2 hours for each minimum (for ones with only a handful of discoverable things when you consider journey time etc), then I would say you may be looking at closer to 3,000-4,000 hours to discover everything on every planet and moon


Til the game pass version on pc supports mods. Noice.

No script extender tho due to store DRM and manual install but better than none!

Console commands also work but I’ve read some comments that they can render save games as modded so caution advised if you think you can give yourself X credits on pc then load up the Xbox version.

If anyone thinks that they need to do that then the first thing they should do is give up and buy something of their capabilities. Like a second hand Wii


Hmmm. Going to have to see how it works on cloud for these 3 hour train rides I’m having to take these days.

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