STANMAN911's FM4 gallery

Hello Forza friends, I realized today that I never really put together a functional gallery for FM4. So taking a break from FM5 and FH2 today I snapped a few pics. this is but a glimpse of everything I did. I’ll try to update regularly. Some of these are on my storefront just ask if not. Some are shared via the Tuning Garage I painted for in FM4, Atlantic LS, in which you may also search to find some of my paints. With how the transfer between FM3 and FM4 worked, some of these are the culmination of 4 yrs. of play.

Rhys Millen Hyundai Veloster:

Opera S2000:

Rhys Millen Red Bull Veloster:

Rhys Millen Red Bull Genesis:

#70 SpeedSource RX-8:

Look Good Go Fast Prelude:

NFS The Run: Niki’s 370z:

#70 SpeedSource RX-8, gold is metallic:

More to come!

Heck yeah, you went through with! It’s nice to have another top painter back on FM4 for a bit!

Thanks Alfa, I don’t think I’ll be back painting on FM4 but I did just pick up a copy of H2 for the 360 so I will be transferring some of my FM4 paints to H1 and then to H2.

Some more FM4 paints:

Compuware C6.R replica:

Auto Select R-34, more my rendering than a replica, the black is carbon fiber:

Porsche 911 RS 4.0:

Copo Camaro: