SRT/Dodge Viper

So here’s what I don’t understand. In FM6, you have the 2014 #93 SRT Motorsports Viper GTS-R which is classified as a Dodge, but then on the other hand you have the street 2013 Viper GTS and the 2013 #91 SRT Motorsport GTS-R which are both classified as SRT. Why though? What’s the point? SRT is a part of Dodge! It’s confusing, and not to mention frustrating for Viper fans like me who have to juggle two affinity tracks at once.

The only possible reason I can think of is back when the new Viper was revealed, Dodge went to Forza and said, “Sure, you can put our new Viper in your games, but they must be SRT Vipers so we can get the SRT brand out there.” (Again, this is merely speculation). But following that logic, wouldn’t the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat technically have to be considered an SRT product as well? Please T10, just make them all Dodge products and be done with it!

I think its because SRT was a seperete brand from Dodge for a couple years but receintly axed it.

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Blame FIAT Chrysler Automobiles for not being able to decide on a simple branding strategy and stick to it. From 2012 to 2014 they wanted to make SRT a separate brand, then they changed their minds and reversed course. Now, they want to make SRT a Dodge-only sub-brand, so they eliminated the Chrysler 300 SRT. But wait, they’re keeping the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT because it’s too popular. They don’t seem to understand that the key to building a good brand is to pick something and stick with it.

FCA is hardly the only offender in this regard. BMW went to great lengths to “rationalize” their nomenclature system. Even numbers for coupes, odd numbers for sedans. Then they decided to make a mockery of their own system with the 2-Series Active Tourer.

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The Jeep isn’t still labeled SRT, is it? It is the TRACK HAWK now, rolleyes

At least for the moment, the SRT lives. It’s expected to change to “Trackhawk” in 2017, at which time the Hellcat engine will also become an available option.

I thought Trackhawk was a different trim level. Like the Challenger, Challenger SRT[8], Challenger Hellcat.

Grand Cherokee, Grand Cherokee SRT[8], Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

I could be wrong I guess?

The reporting I’ve seen has implied or stated outright that “Trackhawk” will replace “SRT”. For example:

However, since the entire point of this thread is that FCA can’t make up their minds what they’re doing, you could very well end up being right!

Lol, Ive spent ages figuring out where to find my Viper, I almost posted a bugreport about cars going missing ;) That was the free anniversary Viper, so I didnt see the make when I picked it up.

Next thing I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why the tunes I downloaded from the leaderboard vanished, until I realized the anniversary Viper for some reason doesn`t count as the same model you buy, even though it seems to be the exact same car. :confused:

I feel like Forza needs to have sub-brands. Like why should you have to grind up level 25 affinity for SRT when they’re pretty much Dodge cars anyway? Or why should you have separate affinities for HSV and Holden? As far as I’m concerned affinity is a measure of your loyalty to a company, and it doesn’t make sense to have Holden and HSV or Dodge and SRT be considered as different as Dodge and Honda. I’m not saying like have all the GM brands under GM affinity (besides which there is no GM “brand”). I mean like you’d choose Dodge and then there would be sub-tabs for Dodge and SRT, still separating the brands but having them under one umbrella brand. This would simultaneously allow more granularity without making things too complicated, e.g. Ford could be sub-divided into Ford and Ford Australia.

They omitted the '03 Dodge Viper! My favorite car in the whole series! How Dare They?!

They did the same thing with the Mercedes AMG GT as well, why does it matter for the sake of one car? They might as well have done the same thing with the SLR because it technically is a Mercedes/Mclaren joint venture

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probably just to say they have more car brands

Forza 4 to H2 have been dumb since they introduced the new Viper. In the old games they listed them as Viper for the brand which was never true. They were SRT until last year when they were called a Dodge again. Really dumb move they did to break SRT off as its own brand there for a little while but hence the SRT brand being in the game. Same goes for the Mercedes AMG GT. That one makes less sense but it is not a Mercedes-Benz. The SLR is a Mercedes-Benz car. McLaren was part of the model name technically. The one that really doesn’t make sense is Abarth. They are sold as a Fiat. Abarth is not the brand name, it’s the performance division of Fiat. Like how AMG is to Mercedes or TRD to Toyota.