"Squeak...squeak... squeaky-squeak"

“Squeak…squeak… squeaky-squeak.”

What IS this “Squeak, squeak… squeaky-squeak” sound I am hearing in a handful of cars? There’s several of them that do this; I’m hearing it now in the MG MGA Twin-cam and just off the top of my head I know the Hoonigan Escort RS1800, and I know there’s a few more I’ve heard it in. Is the sound engine-related or coming from another upgraded part of the car?

I can’t be just imagining it, and it’s maddening… drives me crazy when I hear it; very distracting!


“You couldn’t hear a dump truck driving through a nitorglycerin plant!” - Uncle Lewis

Sorry, it was just too good to pass up

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Could you share a sample of that ? not sure what you are referring to.

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You know … old, dry suspension bushings like to … squeak … lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry couldn’t help myself, not to do this.

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honestly, I thought the same.

plot twist: it is his chair :stuck_out_tongue:


You should make a video, it could be only certain tunes, and how are we supposed to test all those?

The right trigger of one of my controllers developed a bit of a squeak a while back. It’s mostly unintrusive, but you can definately notice it.

Are the cars tuned? I don’t remember bad stock sound.

Tell me about it. My already broken Elite 2 added new sound while drifting from right trigger. It’s so annoying but I don’t have time/mood for warranty replace.

ok, we had a good laugh about it, but on more serious note…

Squryl - do this sound occure only in turboed cars when you release the throttle?
I tried MG and only “squeaky” noise was blow-off valve mounted on stock engine. Spool sound was IMO strange too, but only thing I would refer as “squeak” was BOV.
Any other configuration was sounding normal.

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My girlfriend’s blow off valve has a squeak!

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As funny as it may seem, I was being a little bit serious. It’s entirely possible that Squryl could be hearing a squeak in real life, and mistaking it for a sound effect. Some of you guys know cars waaaay better than I do, so I could be wrong. But I’m not aware of any in-game sound effects that squeak.

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BOV do that but more of a squeaky sigh.
I doubt they’d do that.
Not heard similar sorry
Chair. I spewed coffee.
You guys crack me up.

I hear it in some cars, but not all. It’s suspension squeaking.

This: Forza Horizon 4 Squeaky BOV :) - YouTube


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YES - That’s it! That’s the sound!

…wth is BOW, though?

And yes, for quite some time I thought i was hearing something irl, in the living room here (at one point i was sure it was a mouse)

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I thought it would be some sort of Resident Evil - Forza crossover for a moment, there’s a future DLC which would be interesting :stuck_out_tongue:


Well it’s realistic though.

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Yeah sorry about that, don’t mix tired, annoyed and some drinks …

Should be BOV - Blow Off Valve

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BOV - blow-off valve. When you let off gas turbo is still pumping and this valve allows to release accumulated air.
Personally, in real life I prefer to run without BOV. Flutter for the win <3

So what I get for solving the puzzle?