Spring and there are no races left

I’d love to be proved wrong but now that Spring has arrived I can’'t find any new races. The Yorkshire Moors race is actually a Highlands (Scotland) race and I’ve yet to find the Yorkshire Moors.
The James Bond races require that we pay real money for the cars and I’m definitely not doing that having just paid nearly $60 for the game, so where are all the races?
On the map, if I filter to ‘new’ nothings shows up at all.
This is frustrating and disappointing, and the system seems far too overcomplicated to me.

I haven’t run out of races, but am close. Of course I have the Ultimate edition so I have the James Bond races. Still I do understand what you mean in FH3, I never seemed to run out of races but a quick gaze over the map with FH4 and I seem to have done nearly every race. I know some races are specific to a season but still seems a bit light.

Hmm what level are you up to on each of the branches of racing

You paid $60…that’s nice i paid 140

Also an update coming Thursday with new events

Seasons change everything.

Maybe not new races? I’am also out of “new” things to do, have some drift zones that I need 3 starts on, otherwise I have nothing new to do…
The online part sucks so I won’t play that unless I play with my friends… paid $100 if that’s matter.

You simply go through the races in FH4 too fast. In FH3 you are pushed to actually win races and get 3 stars etc, here you get rewarded just for your participation in each event, and the lack of championships makes the existing content less lasting than FH3.


Did you 3 star all the Signs, drifts, speeds, and 3 star all the stories??? Also New Stories Coming 10/25!!!

I’ve noticed this too. There’s no sense of progression as such.

In FH2 you went on a road trip, completed championships, then went on to the next road trip, all going toward a finale. In FH3 you unlocked new festival sites, which then had to be levelled up in order to unlock new events. FH3 took me literally MONTHS of racing on solo campaign to unlock everything and complete all of the events and championships. IIRC 63 exhibitions, 63 different championships consisting of at least 3 races each, that made you drive cars you wouldn’t normally drive, and that’s without the PR stunts to factor in, bucket list challenges, and Horizon Promo Photos to complete.

FH4 3 weeks in and all of the campaign races are done, I’m at level 20 on dirt, x-country and road racing, level 19 on drag (grinding The Juggernaut is literally a drag…) and level 16 on street scene (grinding The Marathon, why can’t we do multiple laps?). I’ve 3 stars on all of the PR stunts, and I’m 3 or 4 stars away from completing all of the stories.

OK we get 3 or 4 championships and a PR stunt to do every season, and Forzathon challenges to do, and you can have the weekly challenge and all of the championships done in a couple of hours (apart from the 7,000,000 skill points, sheesh that was fun…), and the daily challenges take mere minutes, so for those who paid for the Ultimate Edition and have 18 more weeks of new cars to look forward to and at present, nowhere new to drive them, I would hope that there’s a huge content update coming…

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I’m aiming for level 20 in all disciplines, only street races lower than 20!

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got… All boards ? all Barnfinds ? everything 3 StarRanked ? all roads ? all cars ? all houses ? done al seasonal events ?

i tried to extend it for myself like this, winter i do more offroad, spring more drifting, summer gonna do probably more Speedtraps/Roadraces.
come on even without the uopdate there is a lot to do.

people saying but FH2 this FH3 that, if they should implement this or more or less the same the reactions will be, " more of the same as … bla bla bla " come on i put 64Hours and still got MUCH to do.
i dont make to much decal/tuning myself, just freeroaming collecting things, try sometimes 1 hour only 1 speedtrack to get maximum of what I CAN ( im just a casual player so im no Worldclass :stuck_out_tongue: )
so do i with jumps etc etc etc.

with the upcoming releases/content/dlc i think we may sure NOT complain.

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All boards? Yes
Barn Finds? No, need Summer and Autumn unique so not a lot I can do about that
All roads? Yes
All Houses? Yes
All road race events? Yes
All drag racing events? Yes
All X-Country events? Yes
All Dirt events? Yes
All Street Scene events? Yes
Drift Zones? All 3 star
Danger Signs? All 3 star
Speed Traps? All 3 star
Speed Zones? All 3 star
Stunt Driver? 30/30
Drift Club? 30/30
LaRacer? 28/30
World’s Fastest? 28/30
Xbox Achievements? 6 remaining (870/1000)
Driver level? 300(ish)
Play time? 48 hours and 31 minutes

Once you have 3 stars on any of the above, you get no further influence reward, so there’s no point in re-doing them.

I didn’t say FH4 should be like FH2 and FH3, I was merely comparing the amount of content. There is absolutely no way that you could complete the solo campaign in either FH2 or FH3 (or any Forza game for that matter) in just 48 hours of play time due to the sheer amount of stuff you needed to do in order to get 100%. This either implies that the game wasn’t finished when it was released (most likely), or they nerfed a lot of content to make way for the inclusion of the 2 DLC packs in the Ultimate Edition, as previously, expansion packs were paid DLC on top of the core game regardless of which edition you bought.

I’m looking forward to the update an the route creator.

The only new Spring content I can access is the Edinburgh Deadliest Hatch with the 007 race being a DLC race effectively, which is a total rip off and as I said, the Yorkshire Moors (a place I know very well) race isn’t available or it’s coop only so I have to do the Highland Fling instead for the tenth time.

As for my levels, you can see here:

Spring hasn’t brought anything new to the table and now I find that I’m doing the same races for the fourth and fifth time.
Where are the rivals that would appear in FH3 with easy, medium or hard and you just hit enter and had an instant race? Where are the exhibitions/championships where even if you had completed them in FH3, new races would spawn all over the place, many of which you’d never done before?
I feel that all sense of competition has been stripped from the game and merely participating is all that’s asked for, until you reach the point where there’s nothing left to do - like now.
What has happened to the map filtering? No filter for current championship/exhibition and every time I want to re-do a race (for the seventh time) I’m told I’m already in a championship ie the 007 races even though I haven’t bought the DLC.
Don’t even start me on hats, clothes, avatars and emotes. I can’t remember a game that has me so disappointed and that puts me in such a foul mood before, knowing that the game was so hyped, but is in fact much much less than the sum of its parts.

Goliath unlocks on Road Racing 20 and some new drag strips up to Drag Strip level 5 I think. But yeah, a lot more seasonal variety would be welcomed.

Are there any other special races to unlock when reaching level 20 for other disciplines, other than road racing?

Don’t think so, I’m sure Colossus, Titan, Marathon, Juggernaut, and Gauntlet unlocked before level 20

Nope, nothing at all, Goliath is the only one

For me, i lost pretty much all interest in this game after playing about 6hrs, which after putting months into FH3 is bad. Realised their was no story, pretty much no progression, after unlocking everything (even all the showcases) in such a tiny amount of time & that their was so little content compared to FH3. The couple seasonal championships a week don’t even persuade me to play.

It just all feels so pointless. I like the world, the seasons, roads, the driving & the stories but without the progression/story that FH3 had, it’s just dull tbh with no reason to race. It’s so disappointing as this game had huge potential & after people loved FH3, i didn’t think they’d take it in this direction.

They’ve obviously tried to make FH4 as a Games as Service model. But this isn’t a Fortnite game, it’s a racing game that functions completely differently. Without the progression/story, the game already feels like it’s done & that there’s not much of a reason to pick it up again even with these seasonal updates, since there’s no reason to win those races, doesn’t progress a story, build up a festival, unlock a new mode, new area or showcase. It’s just a race with no purpose you’ve already done but in a different car.

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I’m hoping we get proper online ranked/unranked racing soon, not the team race rubbish.

The Route Creator will help with the single player, i made a couple last night to level up Dirt & Cross Country.

I have the 10 new story missions that appeared yesterday to complete, but that’s about it except for the seasonals each week, until the next update.

I’ll just tune my cars & work on getting to level 20 on Dirt/Cross Country/Street Racing/Drag to keep me entertained for a while.