spider 458 thrustmaster steering wheel

I’m very deprecated, I bought Forza 7 is the game does not support the flyer spider 458, all other forza work some.te Forza 7 did not support the same I’m very upset :pensive:, I wonder if an update will come out giving support for the 458 thrustmaster spider steering wheel?

Most others with that same wheel seem to using it fine
Maybe your settings need to be adjusted

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Friend look at the website of the manufacturer in the list of compatible games does not appear forza 7, ie the game does not support the steering wheel

have you tried it, maybe that list hasn’t been updated to include it yet

if it works on the xbone (as it does) it should be compatible
and the fact that others are using it , it should work

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So I tested yes, with dirt4 works perfectly forza 6 also in the xbox meme also works only in forza 7 is not working, I was in the configurations of the game in controls in the there is nothing that helps me.

Hmmm, I can only say that I used this wheel successfully in FM6 and I am using it now in FM7 with no issues. I did not have to adjust anything in settings.

Now, I start it up in a particular way. I will detail how I activate it the first time into FM7 for a given gaming session. So…

  1. Start up FM7.
  2. Once the game is loaded and I get to the FM7 main menu, I hit the Xbox button and select “Turn off controller”.
  3. Now you should see a message saying something to the effect of “Reconnect controller”…
  4. Click the “A” button on the 458 Spider wheel. It will ask you to select a user…pick yours of course. It should now activate. You should be able to click the wheel buttons and navigate the menus.
  5. After that, I turn the regular XBox controller back on as it is easier to navigate around with it. But the wheel will still stay active.

Hopefully this works for you!


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Thank you very much my friend, I’ll do as you explained and I’ll come back to say thank you.

thank you very much for the tip worked perfectly very grateful


You’re welcome! I’m glad it worked. Cheers!


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