SOS creator is not leader or co leader

I posted this on here:
but only 9 views. is there a reason if you created the club you dont get to stay leader? or even shows that your created it? now I cant even do any settings or anything because of the new leader.
the club is SOS tag Sons of Speed if you can plz reply (mods can ether move this or delete the old one…or do what mods do lol)

The only thing I can think of is this - did you make anyone co leader who may be playing a joke on you?

Or have you had any so called mates over who may have played the game while you were away from the console?

Well, if you created the club and are no longer the leader it means that you have given the leader status to someone else. This is done by highlighting their name in the club roster and selecting make leader (there is a make co-leader option as well, but that would result in you still be leader). If you make someone co-leader you remain leader. If you make someone leader, you lose the title even if you created the club originally.

For example: I created the club Disco Ducks. I made SatNiteEduardo a co-leader. SatNite made another member Co-Leader and joined More Oven. I then left Disco Ducks to also join More Oven, and the game automatically made the co-leader the club leader. The club still lives and thrives but I’m not the leader in it or More Oven.

If you’re still in the club, one of the co-leaders may be messing with you though I don’t see how they could remove you from the leader position. If you are not in the club, you may have been kicked.

since monday (when I got on again I talked to the guy and he said he made the club since the start, (even though I typed in on create a club sos, Sons of Speed) so I really dont know I got the achievement Team mates when I signed into FH2 on my 360 not like I joined a car club while in single player mode. again please help (also I am still in the club) and I did not do anything with make a person leader or co leader (oh and I have not have anyone over)

Well I know if you are leader of a club you don’t get that achievement. So something wrong there. You must be just a member.

IDK. I dont really care but it is just weird.