Somebody please sell me a Trueno

I haven’t done this before so explain the process to me(are we going to use auction for this?). I can send 500,000 credits for it. I don’t know if auction houses are separate for regions. I am from south asia and don’t know where I am connecting to.

No, I can’t do the series challenge for this because of reasons.


The AH is just one worldwide AH and is the only way in which you can purchase cars from other players.

Just checked and you can currently buy a Trueno on there for a going rate of about 12.8 million. That price should drop in a couple of weeks when some people acquire a spare by reaching 80% series completion. However, I still doubt whether you will be able to get one for 500k (even if someone was to agree to sell you one at that price, you’d be at high risk of it being sniped). Probably best to start saving up and assume you will need between 5-10 million to acquire one.

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I just sold 12 cars yesterday with resale values up to 12 million.

Sold all of them for the lowest price for buyout. I reckon i made some people happy :slight_smile:

Got a heap more i’m going to do same with soon, Trueno included.

Have every car you can get including DLC’s so any other is just a waste of space in the garage.

Shame you can’t do private sales and pay a hefty fee to AH for doing so but i get that it is what it is.

I’ve never done it either though I am game to try. I only have the one Trueno but since it is being offered as a prize, I’ll be soon getting another, anyway.

It can only be done through the Auction House. The issue is it makes it open to anyone else who happens to see it, so you need to coordinate your times. For instance, I am UTC-4, it’s currently almost 10AM here.

When a car gets listed for auction, there is a set range that can be asked for it, a minimum and a maximum, Forza determines that. If a player has enough status, they can set their own prices…this is when you will see stuff listed for like $20mil. I don’t think you need to be in the same region to see the listings for the Auction House, but I’m not 100% on that. It does help if you coordinate with someone on your friend list so they can notify you just prior to listing the car so you can be there to check, refresh, check again as necessary. Instead of putting a bid on it, and risk losing it to others, you offer the buyout price. That is the top price listed for the car and once accepted, closes out the auction.

Now I have heard about bots and other tricks. I don’t know how that works. So hopefully just timing it with someone should get you as the first/only bidder to snag the car.

Unlikely. There are people chancing their arm doing multiple AH searches for rare cars and they will probably get to it first. I have one and would give it to the OP for free, never mind 500k but it likely wouldn’t work - I’ve tried this before with people, even when we are both using chat and coordinate our actions to the second, it still failed.

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I just bought one for 12.8 million, and sold it for 138000, and it sold in 0.1 seconds.

i did one car for 5 hours missing out on the cheap ones for that long…

it a 20 million dollars car

after that 5 hours i got one for 160,000 with the instant buy car

omg it costs THAT much? Here I was thinking that 500k might be high…I only got 3.5M in all.
After reading about failed attempts to coordinate a purchase and the usual auction prices, I suppose my only choice left is to find it in backstage