Some Questions On Upgrades

First Question: With the differential upgrade, what exactly is the difference between all the different ones? (1 way, 1.5 way, and 2 way I believe). I’ve always upgraded to the race one on all of my cars.
Second Question: Unless I’m barely upgrading a car, I always put race anti-roll bars on, but what would the benefit be to not upgrading both the front and rear to the same ones? (for example, putting sport anti-roll bars on the rear and race ones on the front).
Last Question: If you are comparing two cars and both have the same speed and acceleration ratings, but one of the cars is lighter, will the lighter car have a higher speed and acceleration than the heavier one and if it would, but how much?

  1. I don’t know about the differentials, don’t mess with them that much. Try Google.
  2. A stiffer front end reduces understeer, a stiffer rear end reduces oversteer. Drive the car into corners, find out which end is squirrelly and add your stabilizer bars accordingly.
  3. A lighter car is faster than a heavier car with the same power because the power to weight ratio is higher. Divide weight by power(or power by weight) and you will have a ratio to compare your cars.

Ron you are actually quite wrong. A stiffer front reduces body roll but increases understeer. A stiffer rear reduces body roll but increases oversteer. The difference between the sport vs race sway bars is the maximum values and adjust-ability. A street or sport sway bar can not be adjusted and is a lighter/less stiff swaybar than race which would result in less understeer/oversteer depending on what you installed or didnt. for the pi it often is worth it to use the race which can be adjusted to be lighter/less stiff street/sport or can be much stiffer. The pi index values these items at whatever the stock value is and can be quite beneficial to adjusting your body roll and over/understeer.

  1. the difference between 1 - 1.5 - and 2 differentials are the amount of adjustability. Race does not add pi and very minimal weight for what it does. Almost always worth it.
  2. see above.
  3. lighter is almost always better. Better accel braking and cornering, does not mean it is going to have a higher top speed tho. That is better determined on gearing and overall power.

No wonder I’m having handling problems

Also my mistake on the difference of diff. Didn’t realize this was the horizon forum. Was looking on my phone. No adjustability on horizon so I have no clue.

Thanks for the info. I always use the race differential on all my cars since it tends to have your wheels not “spin out” while turning. I knew that the anti-roll bars made your car stiffer, but wasn’t sure what advantage you would get from upgrading one but not the other. I kinda figured that lighter cars were quicker that heavier ones with the same stats, but never was 100% sure of how much.

I’m guessing for Horizon, the differentials are set pretty low for accel and decel just so it makes off throttle turn in easier and makes it easier getting back on the throttle corner exit.

In turns, the inside tires travel a shorter distance than the outside tires, and this where the differential plays its role by allowing the tires on each side to turn at different rates, by locking at a preset point to limit the difference in rotational speed, and therefore provide maximum traction under acceleration AND/OR deceleration…

1-way differential will provide its limiting action in only one direction (acceleration) best suited for FWD.
1.5-way differential will provide its limiting action in both direction but very little under deceleration.
2-way differential will have the same limiting torque in both the forward and reverse directions…
The behavior on overrun (particularly sudden throttle release) determines whether the Differential is 1 way, 1.5 way, or 2 way

Anti-Roll bars limit unwanted body movement to make your car handle better. You generally want them as stiff as possible without having the inside tires come off the ground during hard cornering, also you can use different Anti-Roll bars ( Sport, race…) to correct over-steer or under-steer. race is stiffer than sport stiffer than street, stiffer than stock…
Increasing the Front Anti-Roll bars stiffness will INCREASE Under-steer.
Decreasing the Front Anti-Roll bars stiffness will REDUCE Under-steer.
The balance between front and rear Anti-Roll bars stiffness affect the balance between Under-steer and Over-steer…

Weight does not affect top speed, but will have affect on acceleration and G forces. For example if you have 2 of the same cars with same HP and Torques but with different weight, both cars will reach the same top speed but the lighter car will reach it faster and will handle better…

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