some high hopes for forza 7

high hopes for forza

i really hope we get some fresh and cool race ideas for forza 7 , i thought it would be interesting to have foley races like a pitch black race where you can only see the track lines and markers , or a tron styled race .

id really hope to see forza original tracks and a new forza original brand for race series where its at least 8 forza original tracks , like maple , new york , the old crazy long test track , hug oval , ect ect

id hope to see sprint style street races , high way battles would be so awesome , you know historic routes like 66 or i 95 Boston to new york , the autobahn , and any super popular high way route through major cities would be a great addition to forza , i fee like forza has gotten to realistic with tracks and boring in the tracks it features ,

i would also like to see the golds coast and road ohio added if possible

vr random track-a-tizer , id like to see if it would be possible to create a vr training room game inside forza that dropped random turns as you went along , vr versions of turns from every track in the game , loaded like the old vr missions from metal gear lol

id really like to see interior car customization options , and not jut for fuzzy dice in the mirror , or doo dads on the dash , but legit racing tools like full digital info display and after market parts like shift indicators , that can be programmed to light up at custom points ,

id hope they add custom color smoke tires for the drift crews

more fantasy and dream coarse as well as dream cars like a real deal , jet car that has ridiculous stats

id hope they will add a movie car pack with cars from movies likebbatman or james bond , and even a battle mode , i know its a long stretch , but a battle mode with fully working guns and smoke screens , they wouldn’t really damage the cars too much just add some folly and would be fun , and its all about getting more people to play …