Some Colorblind Help?

Hi, new to Horizon and colorblind.
I’m looking for something like this:

except I need it for the “Normal” tab of the Paint Body section of the Design Editor (this):

I’ve poked around for quite a while. I’m new to Horizon, so I don’t know if other color charts are the same from say, FH3 or Motorsports.
Can anyone help me out?

I’m familiar with color theory. I just need my crayons labeled.

Quite a long job, I tried but took ages.

Yeah, it would be a task. I didn’t have high expectations. But one can hope.

When you see the green car design labeled “maroon” you’ll know it’s me (or someone like me).

I don’t know if this will help, but you can upload the colour chart above and click on the colour, it will give you the name of the colour and hex for it:

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Where has that been all my life!

Dude, you just changed everything. Props.

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Glad it’s helped, Merry Christmas bud. :+1:

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