Some cars are missing "Shifting animation."

Was doing some racing and noticed in my 98 Supra RZ, not the welcome pack Supra, that when I shift, there’s no animation, (Stock transmission). Then I was driving another car, this time it was the Lotus GT1, and noticed the same thing. No animation for shifting. Anyone else notice this???

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Yeah i have also noticed this, with quite a lot of cars in fact. Other than those you mentioned, a lot of the rally focused and drift focused vehicles with sequential shifting irl are missing shift animations; to name a couple, the Peugeot 207 super, the Gymkhana 10 focus, most of the formula drift cars and the offroad 911 that was a new addition to the series at release as well (those are just a few, there are more). I feel like it is kinda lazy on their part, they have made some brilliant car models ect but our drivers/characters hardly intereact with the car while driving them. Makes it boring to use cockpit view in my opinion, felt the same in FH4 as shifting animations were missing in that game and they removed the handbrake animations.

long known issues. won’t be fixed. you’re welcome.