[SOLVED] Massive Sound Engine Bugs......

Since the last update or so… i have MASSIVE Engine sound problems… MASSIVE !!! Its sounds so crazy… its horrible to drive with that sound… Not in the rhythm… Forza 5 is for me DEAD…

I did lose my GT86 engine sound completely for about 1/4 lap of Long Beach this morning . . . Put it down to one of those things.

Try to perform a cold restart of the system, it helped me when I had sound problems.


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Thx for the link… now it works!

I had same issue. First day engine was off. Every so often engine noise was glitching, like stuck mid rev for a second or so. The today it got even worse, engine noise glitching more often than not. Then suddenly as I was racing F1 car at the Alps I came up on the downhill portion of the track… cept the track wasn’t there. It was completely gone, had no idea where the road was. Just did the cold restart and it fixed it, thank you very much! I was worried haha

I’m glad I could help