[SOLVED] Cannot Download any gift cars after 11/4 update

After the update on 11/4, I’ve received three gift cars but I cannot download any of them. Pressing the download button registers the press and plays the sound but nothing happens.

Anyone have any ideas?


There is another post around on “glitched Halo cars download” so might be better to follow this matter there. BUT just for the record, same problem here, but mine has nothing to do with the latest upgrade because it started roughly 12 days ago which was before the upgrade. Mine attempt to download, but is folowed by a failure message and then the message disappears with no cars either.

have you hard reset your console properly…Snowowl has posted heaps of times how to do it PROPERLY ( most people dont)

Thanks for the suggestion talby. Yes, did do a hard reset and had a few chats with Snowowl about this, but the problem seems to be somewhere alse.

I too have done a hard reset. I’ve also uninstalled the game and reinstalled everything - still no change. I’ve also deleted the local save game and then resynced with Xbox Live - again no change.


I still cannot download gifted cars from 11/04 or 11/05. However, I was gifted credits today via Forza Hub and I was able to download those immediately.

Additional details:

  • I am a VIP playing the downloaded Ultimate Edition
  • I am not in the beta/preview
  • the following cars are waiting to be downloaded
  • F-100 from 11/05/2015
  • Shelby GT350R from 11/04/2015
  • Mustang GT from 11/04/2015

The exact same thing is happening to me also, even reinstalled. It has been happening to me from day one though.

For those of you affected by this, please check the following setting on your Xbox One: Settings > Privacy & online safety > Custom > “See content other people make”

Is this set to “Blocked” or something else?



Thank you so much!!! This fixed the problem. I had it set to “Friends”. Changing it to “Everybody” allowed me to download the gift cars. I knew it had to be something simple but since I had no problem downloading previous gift cars, I never imagined it would be a setting on my end.

Again, thank you!

This has just worked for me, just one small issue the exact words are “You can see and share content
Thanks again.

I have the right privacy settings, but I never even received the gift messages. Pretty annoyed. Now I’ve missed out on some cool cars.

I also have the right privacy settings but did not receive the Fallout or Halo vehicles.

Same issue. No Halo or Fallout vehicles. Settings fine.