SOLO Games.

Is anyone getting solo games in multiplayer? I seem to only get team games and really don’t enjoy that as much. Not to mention the load times being long again.

Also, how is there not a choice for team or solo??? Look back at Horizon 3’s model. Do that.

Not sure which ‘team games’ or ‘solo games’ you mean. When I’m playing Horizon Online, I can do all the regular races Solo, but there are certain things like Horizon Tour, The Trial, and Playground Games that invariably involve matchmaking.

The games choices are the same as FH3, but with some new events thrown in.

So, I am speaking of playground games (flag, king, infected). When you start a Horizon Open session for playground games you are either put into “team games,” red and blue teams against each other, or “solo games.” “Solo” being you against everyone else. There is no choice given to the player. It is seemingly random and recently all I get is “team games.”

FH3 allowed players to choose everything including car class they wanted to play in. That was taken out in FH4 for playground games and left out in FH5 too.