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Yes, it’s very bad at the moment. Fortunately its easy to fix. Let’s hope they improve it to what players want.

I really hope they separate these. Most of the “regulars” that I play with agree. In fact I haven’t heard one person say they enjoy the solo games.

Hell, I win almost 75% of the flag rush solo games but I still strongly dislike it. I’m being modest, if I was using the language I see normally on this forum I would say I hate it.

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Is this a request or a demand? I don’t understand why people think this is the right way of communicating? “fix yo”? Who do you expect to be ok with this kind of posting?


Maybe because requests have fell on deaf ears to date? But yes you’re right rudeness gets you no where. Not sure if OP was rude though.

[mod edit - WSD - profanity and alluding to profanity is against the ToS]

Whait, ther is solo?!?

I ALWAYS end up in teams.


Funny, I like solo games more. I control my own fate more. But yes, I agree there should be an option.

Also, team games matchmaking sucks sometimes. 5 v 3, 6v3, etc…

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I would like to see the option added for choosing solo or team. I like the team stuff better. It was fun in fh4 when we could setup custom team games between clubs. The custom playground games is very lacking in this game.

Finally I found someone posting about this on official page! So hard to google about this problem when creator of the game also is called Playground Games. Will look in here from time to time to see updates on this situation. If WW3 won’t start…

Hopefully choosing whichever one we want will be a feature in the next “Horizon Customs” Series