So, will Rivals exist in FH5?

Rivals was an afterthought in FH4 and didn’t exist until months after release. Anybody seen anything about rivals for FH5?

If not we will complain until they add it.


I imagine it will be in it but my suspicion is that it won’t be a focus, so we may see it being very similar to FH4 (which is functional but lacks a lot of bells and whistles).

I was just thinking what bells and whistles it would be nice if they added to rivals:

  • split times against the ghost (and preferably also against your own best time but I suspect that may be asking a bit much);

  • an ability to easily switch rivals without having to exit;

  • an ability to easily switch cars or tunes without having to exit;

  • an option to see the tune used by people on the leaderboard;

  • some actual reward if you break a WR (even if only a cut scene congratulating you);

  • a notification if a WR you set gets broken;

  • rewind not being broken.

There’s probably many other obvious things but those all seem fairly straightforward practical changes which would vastly improve Horizon Rivals going forwards.


The highlighted section already exists in FM, so hopefully someone from Turn10 can pass the code over to Playground Games so they can make it fit the Horizon rivals mode. Then again I’ve been hoping that for the last 3 versions


To me, rivals should be part of the game from day 1.

I believe it is not only the best way to challenge yourself to improve your driving skills, but also to test new tunes for the cars.

The second thing I love about rivals is Freedom. thanks to it, I m not forced to deal with all the random stuff in ranked/unranked mode.