So, who's going to pre-order this one?



Not me, thats for sure. I had enough with FH4 lol. And i smarter than others.


Already done earlier today UK time. Can’t wait!!!


Already did, I’ll be up the entire weekend of early access lol


Same here. I’ve already booked my 2 weeks off work like I did for previous FHs.

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I have my weekends off so I’m taking Friday off. I’m considering taking Monday off but haven’t decided yet. We’re gonna need all the time we can get with the map being bigger this time around :muscle::muscle:

I’ve seen everything I need to pre-order, Playground has yet to let me down.


Pre-ordered & booked two weeks off work.


So I have GamePass so I’ll be downloading the game for “free”. However I’ve preordered the Premium add-ons for £35, will this essentially get me the full game? Will I still get the 4 day early access?

They confirmed that you would in the interview they did today.


As long as you get the Microsoft store version on PC, or the digital version on Xbox, you will. If you get the physical copy on Xbox or the Steam version on PC, you won’t. I’d understand if you want to wait for official word on that before pre-ordering though.

As for me, I pre-ordered. I’m not too proud of that, but I had the money left in my monthly personal spending budget, and spending that money now makes budgeting easier down the line, and I’m pretty confident I’m going to enjoy the game, regardless of potential ways PGG can mess things up still. I just can’t buy any more beer this month, which is fine. I still have a decent amount in the fridge.

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What’s the advantage of pre-order?

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I already did on Best Buy for the Premium Edition.

Done. Got the premium edition in spite of the exorbitant cost, but from playing Horizon 4, it seems best to go for the full Monty.

I just bought the Premium Edition.

If past precedent continues then Forza Horizon 4 is still going to leave both GamePass and the entire digital storefront come 2022, you MUST buy this game in order to play it in perpetuity and for me that justifies a day 1 purchase, PLUS I always track down a physical copy closer toward EOL.
(We don’t know for certain if these games are going to keep being published with an End Of Life date but I’m not holding my breath.)

Technically the smart way to do it is just play on GamePass until 2025 and then at the last minute buy the game and expansions for about 75% off.
I’m just a huge fan of the series and hopefully everyone at Playground gets a raise from pre-orders.

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Preordered the premium version. Can’t wait.

Preordered the Premium as soon as I saw it.

Waiting for a playable demo. Maybe after that i can purchase. And never gonna buy Ultimate again. One of 2 expansions always making me sick. No need contents like Hot Wheels and Lego stuff.


I’m not going to buy ultimate either. I will wait for “exclusive” cars to come out later in the game. No reason to get the higher price when everything comes out later. That is the one thing I hated; everyone winds up with the same “exclusive” cars I had paid extra money to get early.

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Yesterday’s footage sold me on it, but I’m gonna wait until we see more + get a demo.