So, who's going to pre-order this one?

Dont pre order anything! Why spend money on a product that isnt even out yet?


Because people is not smart, and they rather keep destroying videogaming industry instead having brains for once. Nobody should buy or preorder this after what happened with FH4. But you know what? who cares at this point, people dont care at all about the health of the franchise or videogames, and they will just buy like compulsive people like if their lifes are on the line. I thought after the bad experience of FH4 that people would learn the lesson, but i guess its too late for that. Maybe they should invest in something more productive, like a brain, instead of buying FH5.


Sure, who would preorder it after best racing game ever - Horizon 4.

Are you serious?


Classic words from a kid. What can you do. After all the terrible support these three years, after all the mess the devs did to the game, lack of total communication, they never EVER listened to players at all, the game is broken as it can be, with a total useless support team, after all the wheel problems the game has, after all the idiotic limits the game has, after so many bad things that happened with FH4, you think that is wise to buy the next title? why people never learn? amazing. Dont worry, FH5 is going to be even worst than FH4, thats for sure. Because if most people think like you… bad, really bad and concerning. Addiction is a terrible thing.


You sound like an angry child lol. “After so many bad things that happened with FH4” talk about hyperbole.

You do know the devs are listening to the player base right? You should check out the new things coming to FH5 instead of ranting about nonsense. Because if most people think like you… bad, really bad and concerning, lmao that part was hilarious.

Why should they listen to the players? Are you a little kid? Nobody cares about your opinion! It’s THEIR game, not yours. Don’t buy it if you don’t want to.

Amazing game will get another amazing successor.


FH4 is a great game. It started out great and kept getting better, only over the last year has it gotten worse for me personally. Everyone plays the game differently, so it comes down to what YOU are looking for in the next game. I had 2 excellent years of the game and then the last year happened, I can’t throw away all the fun I had prior. Ultimately you can’t tell people how to spend THEIR money or their time.

Lastly addiction is a helluva “drug” but so is depression and grief. Some of us are dealing with such things and if Horizon games keep some of us in a positive state of mind, you can’t blame us for being excited for some new form of “therapy.”


Yeah, it’s just about how anybody can see it as a bad game. I don’t care too much because I move to sim racing and Horizon is probably too different. But who knows. Good thing on sim racing is you can see in how bad shape are another racing games. H4 had a lot pretty dumb design things, many fails, etc. Overall, it’s still the best and you can’t choose better. No competition.

Sure, I am glad if you like Horizon. But I am not sure if you are for a buy or opposite :smiley:

My pre-order was done yesterday, already added the icon to my pinned games and to the home page lol. I’ll be doing the same for Motorsport when its available. It’s fairly guaranteed they’ll get my money, how much time I spend playing either of those games comes down to fun factor, bugs, fixes and glitches.


It realy doesnt matter if you like FH4 or not. Hate it or love it, you dont give a company money for a product that isn’t released yet. We saw one trailer, thats it. Dont buy something because of a single trailer. Wait for the release and then spend your money.


Oddly… you can also download it now… not sure if anyone will. Hope nobody manages to make it playable.

And how is buying the game after launch (when you know what you are buying) not supporting the devs? Pre odering is not an investment. You’re buying a product. Thats it. Investing means something else. Buy products that will be delivered to you now and not eventually in the future.

Just checked the stored. You get charged up to 10 days before release. Didnt know that.

@turtleCZ What did you say about supporting devs? Your pre oder money doesnt even reach them yet…

Because it’s after launch? If it’s day 1 it’s OK for sure. Good investment.

Yeah, MS store works that way. It’s probably only legal option.

No. It’s like: Hey, man! We have 13 millions of preorders! How crazy it is? Will you get us more money for the game?

You really dont know how an investment works. If you want to invest into further developing go buy shares worth a couple of thousand dollars. Thats the money that matters for development. Your pre oder money doesnt do shizzle compared to the purchase 7 days after release. Especially since the money transfer only happens max 10 days before release.

Honestly? Because I haven’t gotten excited about barely any 2021 games so far so anything that sparks my interest has me eager.

I have always bought the premium version on day 1, but this time with what we have seen so far I can’t bring myself to do it. It’ll probably be a Game Pass play.


Right now I’m thinking I’ll just catch it on Game Pass. I like Forza Motorsport and Horizon, but there’s not a game in either series I’ve needed to play in perpetuity.

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Ultimate with a steelbook is the only way for real fans :smiley: Does it even exist?

Why is the Upload with both Expansions only 300 MB together yet, and the VIP, Welcome and Car Pass not available yet on the Premium Edition