So photomode guys wassup

So got my Ultimate, so happy, bought amg gt to snap some pics, was waiting for it for so long.
snapped a few, shared, and they are not in my gallery.
Please don;t tell me that photo mode share will be available only on 18th with official release not early access.


I think we need to wait for the Website to update… I would expect to see some mild visual changes occur, along with the FM6 expanded boards, rather than just the single topic. so that its not a sea of people taking pictures of catching air in their General Lee.

that’s all you think photo mode users do?

i judge as for myself?
I enjoy taking pics, and i was really looking forward to start.
I’m not generalizing that every photomode user just does that and ignores the rest/
aslo anyone else has issues with AA and jigies ?

Without dedicated threads… yes we get, “general lee jumping” quality, single photo, new threads, posted by hundreds of people.

I can deal with just saving my photos for 5 days.

Tagging this topic! Love the pics you guys put up, a whole new take on our community.

(ALSO, may be looking for hot pic taking tips for FM6 :wink: )

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Do as I do: take the picture as usual but, instead of sending it, press B to go back and the View (Select) button on the controller to hide the controls. This way, you get the processed image clear of any additional info. Then, press twice the Xbox button on the controller and Y to save the screenshot. This way, the picture will be saved on your console and Xbox servers instead of the Forza ones and you can access your profile through and download the pictures in its full PNG uncompressed glory!

[EDIT] Unfortunately, as the game is not yet listed in the Upload app, screencaps of it are not yet available to download… I think we’ll have to wait until Sept. 15th to get them.

What a nonsense. I believe people like me photographers(not really, but you know what i mean) is quite a big subgroup in forza, i don;t understand why have payed £85 i cannot share my screenshots.
It kinda ruins the moment, i won’t have the same mood week later. The game is great apart from AA problems, and no screenshots? sounds like DC to me. really disappointed. first time pre ordered and wow/