So now what?

So right now I’m at a point in Forza Horizon 4 where I have all the cars except for a few Pre Orders. I’m super excited for Forza Horizon 5 anyone know if their going pre order cars cause I dont wanna miss out on these super rare cars. I missed when they did the last re release which idk why my roommate didnt tell me. Cause took little break from Forza course when I do they release the POs. I really hope they release them again.

As far as I know PG has stated that they don’t plan to install retailer specific pre-order bonus nor specific pre-order cars. Premium Edition should cover all cars this time. I hope they stick with their intent.


Is this referring to the FM7 Hoonigan and FH4 Formula Drift packs, where when whatever new game was pre-ordered, the pack would be available in the current game as well (or something to that effect if I’ve botched up the description)?

They’re probably referring to the pre-order editions, like the 720S PO and the Focus RS PO.

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Oooooh I did not know that you couldn’t buy them through the AH. I’ve been looking for them every time I go there. It’s funny you can’t buy them but they’re listed in the search.

Yeah it sucked they did that but I’m guessing it was to stop all the people making duplicates or selling them for actually cash

You used to be able to buy PO cars in the Auction House, hence why they are still listed…they stopped it back in April last year

Wait for Christmas and save your FP.

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We should get all of Forza players and hold a sit-in protest but we’ll do a park-in lol we the players and fans of forza horizon 4 demand pre order cars!!! Lol