Pre order cars!

So at this stage in Forza Horizon 4 I really dont have much else I want to achieve. I really want to finish my collection of cars before FH5 comes out. If you agree with me an think they should just blow this message up with a PLZ RELEASE THE PRE ORDERS. An maybe they will actually do it.

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I’m sure they will probably be in the Forzathon shop at some point or other. The PO cars have already been in the FZ shop before…I got the Mclaren last year from it


I just need the Focus and Camaro :crossed_fingers:

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The Camaro, the Focus and the Mclaren were offered up either in the shop or as giveaways, I don’t recall the Porsche turning up unless was in one of those year-1 seasons…


The Porsche is in the Eliminator rewards. Edit: tier 20


You can get the Porsche Pre Order through playing the eliminator if you didnt know just giving you a heads up.

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I think all have been in the shop at some point.

I need the Aston, the Ford, the McLaren and the Chevy!

Would be nice for PG to add them to the shop again or do as they did last week and have one each day. Maybe even add them to the 50/80 per cent playlist or S7 but that might be wishful thinking!

Just one more run maybe on a set day, last chance to get 'em would be nice.

I concur. Now that FH4 is winding down, PG should make all PO cars available, either via Forzathon shop (one each day for a season) or seasonal awards, so we can complete our garages.


to be honest nobody should ever have been able to get the PreOrder cars unless they actually preordered the game
makes the whole preorder bonus be pointless

only reason they were made available to others was because of hackers to begin with

True cause they were flooding the market. People were selling the pre orders for actual cash. But at this point since they already did I do hope they do one more release before they are done with FH4.

I’m only missing the Aston PO… I agree it would be good to have the opportunity to get these again.

I just wanted to make the same request.

I now have ALL cars except the DB11, Camaro and Focus PO cars.

Please make them available in the Forzathon shop again! We spend hundreds of hours to complete the rest of the car collection.

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PG could make the Pre-Order cars part of the Horizon Backstage but one per voting cycle.

Do they ever remove cars from the Backstage?

No, for moment there are no cars removed from backstage.

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I would be happy if they put the pre orders backstage but for 2-3 passes each. They were a silly idea though in my opinion