So dissapointed with the treatment of this [Mod Edit - D] company

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Mad cause Mitsubishi is free for everyone??? lol. Who said it was exclusive? to exclusive to what?


Meanwhile the MUCH larger Forza community, which is at least 10,000 times greater than your group is happy we don’t have to pay for Mitsubishi.

It’s not bad publicity at all, it’s the opposite.

The Mitsu pack was never advertised as exclusive and it shouldn’t be.


I think they think they deserve more for being the “biggest facebook group in Sweden” that they get stuff we shouldn’t for paying the same amount we all paid for the ultimate.

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So a company that couldn’t secure a license at launch for a desired car make is finally able to get that license secured and can now bring it to everyone playing the game. And they do so. And they do it for free to everyone no less. And that’s bad publicity? Really??


It would be bad publicity if after all this ranting how unfinnish this game is and how bad mp is they would add mitsu in car pack at 9,99€

Only on gaming forums would you find someone ranting about everyone being given a free gift


Did non of yall even read what comes in the Ultimate edition Version??? Game ($60), expansion pass = 2 expansions not 1 but 2 ($40). Car pass = 42 cars ($30). VIP ($20). Formula Drift car pack ($7), Best of Bond car pack ($10). So your saying they ripped you off by making you pay $120 for $167+ worth of content. What a shame they have done to us. So them bundling it all up to save you $47+ isn’t good enough. They don’t have to do this, instead they could just IDK make the standard version and make you pay for it all separate instead of different editions to save us money.


rip my ribs from the lols this post has provided in abundance

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In past Forza games we got hugely expensive brand packs (Porsche, etc) and believe me those pissed off far more players than what you are complaining about. Why would they make the same mistake that made many players rage. Why should less invested players have to suffer just because you want to feel like you haven’t gotten your moneys worth out of the game yet? I think that would have been a far greater blunder than releasing a highly requested brand into the game for free which will bring more players back into the game for a while. Remember they are a business. They are thinking more long term than just gratifying singular groups of players.

…no words.

I have no words or time for this kind of utter stupidity.

Please get muted.

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This thread says nothing but good about the company and nothing but bad about the OP.
I bought Ultimate for myself and for a buddy who otherwise would not buy it due to affordability. So I bought it twice and have not been ripped off one bit. I am very happy that all players get the Mitsubishi pack.

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Let me get this strait your getting triggered because they have decided to give seven cars to everyone for free…words fail me.