Small dead zone in the center

There is a problem with FH4 (steam version) that appeared after reinstalling Windows
(Windows 10 Pro, Version - 21H1, Installation date - 08.22.2021, OS Build - 19043.1165). I play on the thrustmaster T-150 wheel, a small dead zone in the center appeared in the game (it was not there before reinstallation). For fun, I downloaded the FH4 demo from Microsoft Store and there is no such problem! There is no such problem in the steering wheel driver and other games either. Can anyone come across, is there a solution?

Except you skipped the dead zone setting of advanced configuration ( I guess it exists for any controller type) I am afraid that is a bug that will never be fixed.

the setting of the dead zone in both the demo version and the steam version is set the same.
inner dead zone 0.
outer dead zone 100.