Slow saving when tuning/upgrading or claiming DLC car

This could be completely normal behavior as I’m new to the Forza family of games, but the save times seem awful. It takes anywhere from 30-60s of the saving screen after completing a tune. upgrade or claiming a DLC/car pack car. I initially installed FH4 on my HDD (2tb 7200rpm) as I didn’t have enough room on my SSD. I bought a new SSD (Samsung 860 Evo 500gb) and used the move function from ‘Apps & Features’ to change to my SSD partition but the load times have not changed. It seems as if the game save could be on my smaller SSD (X25-m 160gb)

My machine is a hodge podge of old and new, but overall has played the game fairly well.

Intel i5-3330
16gb DDR3
EVGA 1060 SC - driver 417.01
2tb WD HDD
500gb 860 EVO SSD
160gb X25-M SSD
Windows 10 - 1809 Build 17763