Skill points disappeared

Are there any limits to the maximum skill points you can earn in one run?
my skill points were disappeared when it hit 850,000. everything was gone in a sudden

Ten, so there’s only two reasons to go beyond 500,000 (accolades and to attempt records of some kind). Generally I stop the car as soon as the multiplier maxes out.


for records this time xD

Sounds to me like either you hit something, and your skillchain ended, or they still haven’t fixed the stupid skillchain break bug, where you momentarily lose connection to the servers and it just ends your skillchain.

nope, I stoped the car and wait the chain finish after I got 600,000…the screen goes dark 4 or5 times and suddenly everything gone

They fixed the connection one…
But sometimes hitting “air” kills counter too no idea what it is some branch or whatever and its gone. Another one was doing the jump at end of highway if car was too high in air it killed counter

There could be several reasons for that, especially when you don’t invest 25 skill points into the second chance perk.

You could hit something too hard i. e. with too much speed - that counts as collision then and not as a destroyer skill point. Same with a rollover of your car - if you don’t have the second chance perk activated it counts as a collision and not as as barrel roll or drifting touch (in german it is called - Drift-Berührung, don’t know the exact english phrase for that.

Or like Pinkie said - when you jump to high you leave literally the map so the counter stops.

And the max skill points available are 10 per skill chain (500 000 points). After reaching that you can still get a higher skill chain but the points above 500 000 are not counting for skill points. And if you have 999 skill points stored at all there is no more chance to get any more skill points at all. They aren’t displayed at all anymore.

So if you have about 997 skill points unused and you do a skill chain they would stop appearing on the screen after reaching and banked at last 2 skill points.

oh I forgot the multiply…it actually disappeared at 850,000 x 10

nither of them. I stoped the car and waiting the chain finish on that time. thats why I thought there may be a limit or bug.

Were you on the road or off road when it happened? I’ve seen an annoying problem when off road. Throughout the map are very small immovable rocks. You have to be very close to see them if you’re sitting still. If you’re unlucky enough to hit or bump into one during a skill chain, it breaks the chain.