Should we have race licenses for online?

I play a multitude of other racing simulators. Some of them have a race licence system. This makes people work their way up the classes before they can race in the faster ones. It also keeps griefers from constantly racing against people that are serious.

Is this something the community thinks Turn10 should add into the Forza Motorsport at some point? I can see it is something to keep out of their Horizon games. But as the Motorsport series gets more and more technical, accurate and like a simulator, it seems like it would be something for serious consideration.

I hadn’t played online multiplayer in many months because of the crashing and griefing, thought I would try it again… lasted about 5 minutes before I left. Still a mess. In fact it seems worse. The only solution I see is to eliminate those people from being able to race (I mean crash) by keeping them at the lowest possible license. Then they would all be stuck with each other. That could be entertaining. I might even stream that to watch a bunch of griefers destroy each other, probably good for 10 minutes of entertainment.


sounds good if it’s implemented well. they are adding a penalty system. hopefully that helps some.

currently, i only run ghost league and rivals as the collision fest lobbies aren’t worth the stress.

it’d be nice if they added more ghost multiplayer lobbies too.


Well, Turn 10 currently tracks all of our data in our profile. Using this data, it’s possible to separate people using licenses.

However, I think it’d be better if the method used was a weighted average between old and new data, as well as separation between online and offline. The offline mode often dirties our driving through no fault of our own.

Curious as to what you mean by this?

Unpredictable AI. :wink:

I must say I find this very amusing on Turn 10’s part. Forza GT is one of the most popular divisions in the game, if not the most. Yet there hasn’t been much of an effort to include the latest GT cars. The M6 and the Aston were already several years old when they arrived, and the Audi TT and KTM X-Bow are not fully fledged GT cars. When you remember that Project CARS has had the AMG GT3 since the first game and pretty much all of Forza’s main competitors have an assortment of the latest GT3 cars, it makes me wonder what is Turn 10 thinking when it comes to the GT division.

In fact, the P2 division is even worse. We have IMSA partnership but no DPi cars. The latest ones are still the jurassic DPs from the merger era. And no modern P2 cars either. No Alpine, no Ligier… The partnership has been useful when it comes to giving us rare classics but I know I’m in the minority and most people would have preferred the modern cars instead, along with the odd track.

Well, at least GT Sport is sorely lacking in the tracks department. Latest patch adds Hamilton’s Mercedes and… yet another fictional track. Their garden has different problems. :smiley:

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Track limit penalties will absolutely not deter one single Griefer. I would love to hear an explanation as to why that would. They don’t care about where they finish at all in the race whatsoever. They simply just want to go balls out into a corner and crash into a bunch of people. If they had a base level license they wouldn’t be able to race against people that had excelled past them. And now the rest of us are safely in groups of people that were also of equal skill level.

I am curious to hear your opinion on how you think the penalty system stops them from joining any random race and crashing into whoever they feel like.


Yes, but it is not a cure all. Still wreckers in GT Sport. Had to do quite a few things before going online. There should have been a forced watching of a track limits video on this Aug update and maybe even making the track limits on by default so that the user will see it and have to turn it off by themselves.

GT Sport is far superior to Forza in terms of online racing…it’s just better online Period. Forza has GTsport beat in the number of tracks, and variety of cars. I wish Forza would copy the multiplayer portion of GT Sport. It’d be awesome then. I own both games, not a fanboy.


We got car quantity but gt sport still has better cars the motorsports department is lacking the gt division cars are all outdated minus a very few cars

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We have little idea what the penalty system will be like. A bit early to pass judgement for something we have not seen.

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Although i would be for some sort of license or certification process for multiplayer in forza, i just think its too late in the life of the game for something like this to work. I feel the same about the impending penalty system. The game is almost a year old and not much has changed with regards to the number of crashers in lobbies even with the lower player count. These things needed to be at launch so they could set the tone for the game.


Licensing will do nothing to lower the number of rammers and griefers as many of the more notorious ones are actually very good players. (skill wise I mean)

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While I’m not calling you a liar I seriously doubt this. Do you have validated proof that many of the people that intentionally knock you off the road or smash you into the corners are highly skilled drivers.

As a race marshal, yes I do, but I’m not at liberty to discuss it.

They likely wouldn’t have to be highly skilled - just skilled enough to get past the tests put in a video game.

That said, the last time I was regularly racing in a PvP capacity (putting aside Blur and brief sojourns into Kart style games) was a PGR game. There were a fair number of intentional wreckers running around, but the ones that were bad drivers were barely an issue.

We need something, at the very least the race regulations need to tie in with leagues. Maybe even have everyone start back in grassroots?

But it would be nice to have some sort of rating system like GT Sport so you only come across drivers of the same ability.

Why would you want to go through that again? Everyone who actually belongs in their division will still end up in the same place anyway in the leagues. That whole everyone starts grassroots was a miserable unnecessary exploit fest. Lobby empty’s every race cause no one likes their grid position. No thanks. Will be interesting to see if cutters can maintain their current division once the FRR comes in. It will balance itself out.


Until the coding can determine blame and differentiate between racing incidents and deliberate wrecking then this game, like many others, has to rely on players to behave properly.

If the coding could reliably identify the wreckers then there are a great many things could be done. Just imagine something as simple as the perp having to pay CR for damage. Not enough CR and cars are “repossessed” to cover the cost. Wouldn’t take long to deplete a wreckers car collection if they persisted.

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