Shifting animation glitches largely being ignored

Hi dev team,

May I ask why the cockpit animation glitches are not being addressed?

  • Many, many cars in the game don’t have shifting animation at all (applies to both stick shift and flappy paddles).
  • Race cars, GT cars, V8 cars only have the gear lever/shifter going forward or backward once. What about the other gears - why doesn’t the shifter move? E.g. I go from 1st to 2nd, the driver moves the stick appropriately, but all subsequent gear shifts will not see the lever being animated. What is this some kind of semi-auto shifting system in all these race and GT cars? Similarly, when I downshift, the lever goes in the right direction, but for all subsequent downshifts, there is no animation at all.

The second glitch highlighted above ONLY applies to race cars.

Seeing the wheel not animating properly for all the respective cars is bad enough - please give some attention to glitchy gear animations AND absence of shifting animations. Thanks very much.

Sorry, I didn’t bother sitting down and listing each and every car. Quite respectfully, a major product like yours ought to be quality tested before release, that’s all.

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That will be so low down in the list of priorities.
They would have also decided that some cars will have full animations and some won’t, that’s just that way it is when there are 700+ cars.
Also they will already be working on Forza 8 and those animations.

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Wow I play several different racers on PC and they also have the same problem perhaps it is more to do with recourses and limiting animation so other parts of the game are not starved. What you are asking for is very very hard to do Your asking for full animation of a Driver Avatar the calculations for this are huge and there is only so much CPU to play with.


Sorry, but I think you completely missed the point;

If ALL road cars have their stick shifts and paddle shifts upshifting and downshifting correctly, animation wise, why is my driver not moving the gear lever correctly in race cars? Why is it only once for downshifts and once for upshifts? It’s really bizarre, that’s all.

This has got nothing to do with CPU power, otherwise the road and other non-race cars would have the same issues. Just yesterday, I swapped out my ZR-1s engine with a racing V8, and in cockpit it has that same ridiculous tin can sound effect which pretty much kills the bass level to zero. No exhaust rumble. I haven’t even performed weight reduction on my Vette - why am I getting the “tin can race car chassis” sound effect after the swap?

This game has bugs here and there that are not only hard to ignore but starting to get annoying.

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So you’re telling me there’s a chance!?!?

Yes there is all ways a chance New coding New improved GPU and CPU cranking out way more power and I don’t mean a increase in cores but a massive increase in clock speeds would be needed to pull it off Once you get over 8 cores I believe it is there is next to no improvement in fact more cores may have a negative impact on GPU performance.

Main thing people have to remember is that Computers are really only a new invention Take the steam Engine it is still being improved for better performance and it is hundreds of years old House hold Computers are only in there early years by comparison.

I think the code they have made works for H pattern as when you move the stick to the respective gear it stays there. On Sequentials the lever shoud spring back to the centre and that’s what isn’t happening. So I don’t think that one is a bug, its short sightedness to be honest. The lack of animations on some of the older cars with conventional controls is a bit poor, if less time was spent on animating the unrealistic wobbling parts then who knows.

Compromises have to be made based on computing complexity, man hours, release deadline etc
I afraid to say correct custom stick animations in every one of the 700 cars is not a major priority, why are people soo obsessed with the minor details? Shouldnt your eyes be on the road?
Dont you prefer playing sim games if stick animations bug you soo much?

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It is a shame. really kills immersion and fun factor from the cockpit view. Lovely detail and accuracy, truly is staggering believe me - but then, incomplete or missing animations. That is just not on.

It is important to me. Extremely important - far more important than shaky wipers and sideview mirrors - something that does not happen 99% of the time while driving at high speeds. Deadline or not, this game deserves thorough quality testing at least now, if not prior to launch.

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