1966 Chaparral #66 Chaparral Cars 2E Shifting animation

Sorry to post a new topic.

There are few graphical issues present in Forza 7 that I have noticed. The shifting animation in cockpit view in the Chaparral is off. The driver’s hand doesn’t reach the shifter where it is placed, instead shifting in a different area to the right, closer to the driver’s body. It is a slight annoyance that I hope the Forza team fixes.
Also, in cockpit view with the driver’s feet showing and not engaging the clutch pedal when shifting gears is another annoyance I have with what is otherwise a pretty good racing game.


Yeah, I already reported this over a week ago I think. I can’t find the “report graphical glitches here” thread. I think I reported it there. There are many, many gear shifting animation glitches in this game, more so with stick-shifters in race cars and purpose-built track cars. The road cars seem to fare okay.

I was pleasantly surprised at the lotus 49 shifting animation but they all are not visible or working. Not a huge issue for me personally but it is nice of they at least match what is actually in the car:)

A lot of road cars have issues. Most ZF tranny cars shift in a normal pattern instead of the dog-leg pattern. 1st should be where 2nd is and so on.

I have noticed that the pattern also messes up during a race. Mostly after rewinding.