Shifter for Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel?


I’m looking into buying a Thrustmaster racing wheel for Xbox One, so I have 2 options:

  • 458 Spider ($100)
    458 Italia ($400)

I don’t want to spend $400 on a racing wheel, but I also want a gear shifter… is it possible?

I’d also be perfectly fine with other Xbox One racing wheels which have a shifter option.

$293 at Wal-Mart.

No, the shifter does not work on the Spider wheel. The only add-on that works with it is the T3PA pedals. The 458 Italia wheel was definitely worth the $300 for me. I love this thing, just got it 2 weeks ago and now have a wheel stand for it. Completely worth the $500 total I just spent (wheel stand + wheel + warranty + tax). Next up will be the pedals, then the shifter for me. But not for a while.

Is there any way you could hardwire a shifter to the Ferrari 458 spider racing wheel?