Shelby Daytona accolade reward requirements changed

This is absolute rubbish!!! Up until yesterday, the requirements for winning the Shelby Daytona accolade reward (“The one with the hairy chest”) was to complete the “Second Wave” accolade…100 Festival Playlist activities. This FACT has been documented in multiple online sources, and mentioned more than once right here in this forum. I am certain that many of you have also seen this with your own eyes in the accolades list. Last night, I checked and I had something like 93-94 playlist activities registered, which means I should have been able to complete that and get the Daytona today.

When I started the game today, it glitched out with a “server unavailable” message, and went to the “backup” playlist. The game then proceeded to reward me for finishing a half dozen playlist events that I didn’t do. I was curious to see if that put me over the top for the Daytona, but when I looked, I saw something that was bloody ridiculous…I had indeed finished the “Second Wave” accolade, but the accolade for the Daytona had been CHANGED. Instead of just requiring “Second Wave” (100 playlist activities), now it requires 150 playlist activities. PG/T10 sneakily added an additional 50 activities to the requirements to get the most expensive car in the game.

In my mind, this is the equivalent of false advertising. For the past month, they make us think we only need 100 events to get the car, then when many of us are just about to do so, they change things and make it much more time consuming. I have a few choice words for PG/T10 about this right now, but I can’t say them here in the forum without getting into trouble. Many of the problems in FH5 have been annoying, frustrating, or an inconvenience, but this one actually makes me angry.



It was 150 from the start. I’m afraid you misread.

Everything from loading into the game is now becoming a chore. I’ve never seen a game that deliberately fights you on everything you do, in order to entice you to keep playing more, or throw the controller at the TV.

Locked content behind a system which is glitched. Then when it does work, you don’t get the award.

I think alot of people within PG lied on their C.Vs this time round. I wouldn’t even call it embarrassing at this point, I actually have no words to describe it at present (well apart from words that I would get banned for using on here). You can clearly see who did and didn’t put care into their job.

Worst still is the game has potential to be a lot of fun, but this constant push back is starting to drain me. PG need to start listening to it’s longtime fans on what they want within the game. Although I’m sure us older players aren’t their intended audience anymore.


This all screams of outsourcing to me

It screams of people not reading to me. You had to get 100 to even unlock the accolade to even see what the requirement is. It was always 150.

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It was always 150 activities. You had to complete 100 to unlock that accolade not complete it. I eyed it about a dozen times before using my free show car pass.

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Yeah, exactly this. No change here. Plenty of things to criticise them for but this isn’t one.

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ya, i always remember it being as above described. 150 activities to complete it. I noticed this after using the car voucher to buy the Daytona. yay

I have to agree, something just doesn’t seem right at all.

I understand Covid etc, but they had an extra year to code. For all it’s worth the base foundations were already coded, they only needed new graphics, sounds and weather for the new map.

Everything from accolades, to eliminator was already coded in FH4, so why has transfering it into a new DLC (be honest it feels like it at times) gone so wrong?

Chalk this one up to user error, folks. They’ve made enough mistakes that we don’t need to start accusing them of things they haven’t done.

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Then maybe this was, yet again, another glitch. Some of you claim to see 150 activities, while others clearly saw 100.

Trust me, this isn’t user error. I’ve looked at it plenty of times, especially back when I was trying to decide which car to use my voucher on. It said 100, not 150. Want proof?

Reddit user from a month ago…“It’s called “The one with the hairy chest” under Festival Playlist and requires you to complete following accolades: 1) Second Wave - Complete 100 Festival Playlist activities, 2) The Pioneer - Complete 50 Festival Playlist activities, 3) Seasoned Veteran - Complete at least 1 Festival Playlist activity in every season type”

Another reddit user who compiled a list of accolade rewards cars and their requirements, dated about 4 weeks ago…“Shelby Daytona Coupe - Locked for me, on the Festival Playlist page, needs 100 events done first”

Article on Screenrant dated 3 weeks ago…“Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe (The One with the Hairy Chest): Complete 50 Festival Playlist activities, 100 Festival Playlist activities, and at least one Festival Playlist activity in every season type. Each of these activities are tied back to their own accolades in the Festival category.”

FH5 discussion, dated about a month ago…"(“The One with the Hairy Chest”. Requirements: “Second Wave - Complete 100 Festival Playlist Activities” under Festival Playlist).

So, I’m obviously not the only one around who understood that it was supposed to be 100 activities, not 150.

By the way did that accolade done today and as I already have the Daytone (Yeah - Car Vouche Misuse here too) I have generously gifted it… hope it counts towards the christmas activitiy…

Doubt it’ll count…half the stuff isn’t so no reason at all to think the gift thing works any better