[SGC] SKYLINE0123 paintshop, NEW Mini Cooper S and '15 Ford Mustang! PG1

Hello all and welcome to my paintshop! I go by the gamertag skyline0123, but my real name is Superstar Rockitt McAwesome… Ok I lied it’s Sean.

I tend to paint original racing, drift and rally style liveries based on real designs and logo ideas, but I have done the occasional replica if I really like the car.

I LOVE TO TAKE REQUESTS AND OFFER HELP… No really I do, it keeps me encouraged and involved and I enjoy teaching new painters and offering advice, if I don’t think I’m up to the job of a request I’ll try and either figure it out or ask those in the know!

I’ve been playing the game a huge amount, but have only started painting seriously in FH2 this week, so please enjoy the following offerings! C+C welcome and as I mentioned before, requests for livery transfers (if I own the car) I will happily put together! Here we go…

Rightmove Overseas Aventador

Actually not my favourite paint, it’s cool and I liked the idea but it just wasn’t as detailed or as cool as I would like, I just didn’t have time to do it. I will be re-repainting the Aventador soon with a repeat of an old livery I did for FM4, keep an eye out!

Red Bull Casio Edifice Huracan

Again not a favourite, I just wanted something on it to use in championship. I have a couple of cool ideas for the Huracan which I may put into action very soon… The watch I am pleased with, they are a bit of a specialty of mine, and there will be loads more to come!


I really enjoyed the extreme offroad championship so I decided to paint each of the ExOf’s in an Energy drink logo, I may transfer these in some form over to modern rally. I know the usual used and overused logos aren’t overly original, but I’ve tried to make each my own and also… I kind of just like them anyway so ya know… whatever sue me…

Red Bull Bowler

Such a fun car to drive, it really owns the ExOf championship with the right tune.

Local Motors NOS Rally Fighter

A bit of a wildcard, but fast and fun, just watch the turns, it rolls right on the wheels!

Monster Energy Ford Raptor

My favourite of the bunch, a true all rounder, and it just looks and sounds mean.

Rockstar Xdurance RAM

I didn’t go with the traditional Rockstar logo for this one, I wanted a blue RAM, and this Rockstar logo is just cool.

GoPro C7

I love the GoPro colour scheme, and the C7 was just begging for a beautiful livery!

Betsafe Nissan GTR

I don’t know with this one, it’s a pretty straightforward car, but I like the logo, I love the colour scheme on CF and it’s a beaut to sling around, one of my favourites of the bunch, it just works IMO

Rockstar Xdurance V12 Zagato

I love the Rockstar Xdurance logo, and I had the pattern but not the colour scheme for this car, then I sort of applied this logo, this colour scheme, and it just sort of slotted into place, my top pick so far!

Ken Block Gymkhana 1 STI Replica

OK… the opinion splitter. It’s my only full on replica. Again I know these liveries are a bit overdone, but the Gymkhana 1 car was always my favourite, I made it in FH1 and I loved it, so I just had to do it again. It’s a lovely car to play around in, I hope you guys can enjoy it too, regardless of the unoriginality… Please… I spent so long making that damn logo… Please…

Ken Block Origeplica BRZ

Ok… Sorry… I had to… I like it… Sorry…

In all seriousness I love it, it’s a lovely car to drive, and I have had countless hours of fun in the airfield, the castle, the abbey, the docks…

WELL… that’s it for now, there is more to come, and I have loads of stuff in the works, including 2 updated Lambo’s, a P1 that I am really looking forward to releasing and an SLS which I can’t wait to sink my teeth in to!

Thanks for looking, and please feel free to interact with me in any (nice) way you please, I’m mostly human and won’t hurt you. Peace Peeps!

Getting those Rockstar Xdurance paints for sure, considering I drink an obscene amount of the stuff IRL. Quality paints.

Nice to see you make a thread :slight_smile:

I’ve always like the Ken Block Gymkhana 1 STi, it’s a nice looking design in general and you gave it the justice it needs :slight_smile: I still need to get around to making the Monster Energy logos, I have some designs in mind that I have to make that I did on previous Forza games.

Those are some fantastic looking designs! And don’t worry about being “unoriginal” just because you like to use the more common logos. Usually the people who complain about it just can’t find a way to make them work well with original designs themselves. Lol

You actually managed to pull it off and it turned out great! Whatever you choose to paint in the future, keep up the good work!

you have been busy, some great work here mate. love the monster raptor looks great and the ken block BRZ looks better than the STI
will pick both up i think :slight_smile: great work keep them coming

Don’t worry about making something ‘unoriginal’ or a over done design… It’s hard to find designs that no one has done. I make a lot of Formula Drift Replica paints on FM5 and everyone does them. I just try to make mine a step above what everyone else has already done!

Great work on the paints, might have to grab a few :slight_smile:

Wow must go shopping some awesome liveries!


Great work all around, Skyline. Glad to see you here and looking forward to more.

Love that Raptor!

Really nice designs!

Stunning as always mate I’ll work on some tunes then grab these cars to match :+1:

Great to see you on here. Loved your work & FM5 & love what you did here. Forget the “purists”. I think its awesome you did the Gym1 car, I will be downloading that for sure tonight! I really think if the TOP painters took on the “popular designs” (Block, other RedBull GRC livieries - that I wish were more available…Deegan, Speed, Lasek, etc…) and did a great job on them, then (esp. considering you don’t have to pay for designs anymore), then there wouldn’t be a million people trying to make them themselves. Great job mate. Keep up the good work!

Great work. Thanks for sharing. The Zagato looks epic. Keep painting.

I totally understand your love of the BRZ. It drives like a dream.

The energy drink concept of the off-roaders is actually pretty sweet. All of them look great!

Amazing paints so far mate. I am also a fan of the offroaders so I’ve grabbed all them so far. Can’t wait to see if you do any more of the other 4x4’s!

Just wanted to +1 on all the praise, really good paints man. You have a lot of talent!! I will be watching this thread for your next creations =D

Good job all round great designs

There is some really awesome skill in this thread mate! I don’t know which car I like best, they are all very well done. Keep up the great work.

Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your responses, I’ve been really encouraged and have come up with a few more!

The P1, Aventador and Huracan are on hold, but the SLS is complete, and another project came up as well, see below!

Petronas AMG SLS

I am a big fan of the Merc F1 livery with the silver/black/aqua Petronas livery, and I haven’t yet put it on the SLS in any Forza game, so here we are…

^^Dat stare doe…^^

Toyota GT86 (Scion FRS) Speedhunters SEMA Replica

I spotted this on Speedhunters, it’s a great article and well worth a read Speedhunters Scion FRS Challenge

Mainly though, I just loved the concept art for the car, it’s not yet complete so this may not be a 100% replica for the finished SEMA car, but it does at least match the sketches they’ve provided. I’m not much of a widebody painter but I’ve done what I can here, personally very happy with it, pleased with the logo work and the overall scheme for the car is pretty cool.

There is plenty more to come over the next few weeks, as always requests are welcomed as are C+C. Thanks for looking!

Awesome paints! Love these 2