Setting to share Vinyl Groups as "Open Source"

Something I think could be of benefit to all painters is if the community had the ability to share “Open Source” versions of their files, if they wanted to.

Essentially, this would mean adding the option to share an “unlocked” version of their Vinyl Group that any creator can download, re-edit and reshare however they like.

When opting to do this, a popup should appear highlighting the implications of the action (ie: others can edit and re-share your creation, are you sure you want to share).

The user should also retain the ability to share a locked version if they wish.

A recent successful example of open-source sharing has been the prefabs in Forza Horizon 5, which people can use to create better EventLab environments.

this would be handy but then you get the issue that happened with fm4, where people were stealing/selling designs for cr in game and before you know it no one knew the original creator, and others had multiple accounts with 999,999,999cr in them buying all the rare cars etc, so it becomes a bit of a hit and a miss and i think thats why they done away with being able to " gift " cars, designs and vinyl groups to other players

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I’d be totally fine with there being no credits from designs at all, if it meant designs could be open sourced.


same here!! it would be nice even just to change a race livery number to your own number for a bit of authenticity, change colour schemes etc would be very handy!

Alternatively, just unlock all vinyl groups. If your group gets used in my livery, both of us get credit/+1 download.


Some people are artisans when it comes to making vinyls, others are better at just making a car look good. Let’s combine the two together.

Let’s get rid of the credit payouts for downloads, and let’s just be about being a creative community. :+1:


A Credit Attribution system to what Halo Infinite does could work well.


IMSA Volt #7 Volt Performance

Created By:

  • PhilSpencer99

Vinyl Group Credits:

  • DanGreenawalt123
  • CEsaki88

Something like this. Again, the choice would be up to the vinyl creator to allow it to be used by others in their shared liveries. I think it’s a win-win to give choice to the community and you’d see way more liveries being shared, but giving credit to those who deserve it.

I look at Gran Turismo’s content sharing system as having some great positives, ones that could work well in Forza.

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A long term vision maybe, but personally I think Turn 10 should make a separate small team dedicated to building and maintaining a web or desktop application where this stuff can be facilitated. If you could run a forza livery editor in the browser, literally anyone can do it, not just pc players. This accessibility will allow so many marketing opportunities to get designers from all over to publish in the Forza game. This can only be a massively positive thing because looks are everything, and if Forza can consistently beat GT7 liveries, more and more players will want to come over to Xbox and Forza.

I think it’s totally possible to run the same high quality interface and graphics in the browser. Having the platform will allow a team of designers and developers to evolve the software without worrying about the main game, and then it allows the livery design community to flourish, and also it provides an additional monetary aspect to the game, if you give players a platform to design like this, you can also facilitate an economy where the best of the best can charge players for custom liveries and what not.

People can make side hustles, like Etsy almost. Imagine an in game option to browse liveries and you could pay $2 for example, and it gave you options to replace the race number, and any other variables the designer sets so that the purchased livery truly becomes something well spent personal to them.

It’s not a massive money maker, but in the grand scheme of the platform, in the long term it will become a nice bread and butter feature of the game, it will further support the backbone of why people consider forza to be a great game. It also allows massive opportunities for small brands to market themselves… Knowing this community exists and there is a tool you could use, it’s not difficult to piece together you could use this to market your own businesses, something well worth paying for as a creator… After all, this game gets massive coverage on YouTube, and I’d imagine it will stay that way given how good FM8 is in terms of being a SIMCade game.

In the long term this side business could be massive for forza and turn 10 and microsoft.

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There would be user colorable created MFG decals, customizable race car colors, and the possibility to have an entire race field of different car designs and numbers, but with a similar template for each car.

I’m down!

This would be nice, though I think it should default to unlocked and make locked an opt-in.

And you’d figure bumping the download/like count of all third-party vinyls in a livery should be simple. Adding a list of credits to a livery shouldn’t be much harder either.

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