Servers down?

Hi all :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone else having trouble with getting online? I keep getting this message

" Due to network problems, unable to connect to the game server at this time"

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Same!!! I’m stuck on Syncing Data!!!

I don’t get messages like that, but of late, the game has been starting in Solo mode and then connecting.

Also, the forums have been misbehaving for the past couple of days, throwing an error message at me. I had to log into my xbox account yesterday to access the site, but this morning even though I’d ticked the keep-me-logged-in option, I got the same error message and had to log in again (but only to the site).

None of the other parts of the xbox system (the app, the console companion and the game bar) have any issues that I can see.

That’s par for the course when it comes to this forum…far as I can tell, it is given just about enough support to keep it running but not to keep it running well and bugs takes weeks, if not months, to be fixed. I sometimes wonder why Forza even bother keeping it open when they don’t care about it in the slightest