Server status

Are horizon 2 servers down?

I can’t access the Social Tab or the Clubs, Rivals, or the Marketplace tabs. Not sure what’s going on tho

Same issue here, can´t access these.
When buying a car, no liveries show up, it goes directly to factory colors.
So servers seem to be down.

Rather annoying, had a night of racing planned.
Didn´t see any downtime or scheduled maintenance announcements either.

same here

I can get online but I can’t share any of my photos from my gallery and none of my photos are showing up on the online gallery. It’s probably a server overload from uploading FH3 for tonight.

i just bought vip and car packs and can’t. access…

Same issues here was trying to buy a car pack and get around to finishing Storm Island content. :frowning:

Did some racing just now, gradually it came back to life and seems ok with rivals, leaderboards and social al working.

I dl’d the first Forza Horizon and loving it. My guess is with all the info coming in from people like myself they may be getting overloaded. IDK… But hopefully it’s fixed soon.

I just wanted to update everyone that Ive managed to get online. Hard Restart your console and try launching the game.