Server Down For Good?

I returned to FM3 about a month ago and haven’t been able to use any online features at all.

I tried creating a ticket on the support site, but it was instantly closed with the message “Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. Unfortunately, we no longer actively support Legacy Forza titles. Limited support is still available for matchmaking and leaderboard services”. I don’t know how I’m supposed to get support for matchmaking and leaderboards if the tickets aren’t looked at.

I understand it’s a busy time of year, but it’d be nice if there was some official word or a fix soon.

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Yeah that’s t10 for ya. Found out the hard way with everyone else when fm6 servers were down I think start of this year or late last year. Can’t remember, but it was out for like a month, a few people creating tickets to the same automated message and they close it because they’re basically like we don’t give a crap and don’t want to talk about it or explain why.

Luckily they’re back online but they gave absolutely no reason, no apology, no post on their media whatsoever about it and I’m assuming they would do the same for this game and fm4 (the goat) sadly…

I recently bought from ebay a sealed, brand new fm4 limited collectors edition, waiting for it to come in. It would be nice to play it again and have the dlc, with unused codes to redeem and download (as far as km away they don’t expire)… But if there’s no servers, I’ll feel quite sad…

Literally the best forza to have ever existed, massive player base and people playing it as far as I’m aware still or recently… And if the servers are gone for that too with no reason or telling everyone they’re…


… They’re quite disgusting to their player base. At least 343 is listening to their playerbase/community and actually reverting patches from an update with a new update because of the community voicing in a majority opinion of what they think shouldn’t have been changed and they listened. T10 don’t care…

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Oh so you’re the lucky one who snagged that sealed copy for $120. I was tossing it up for a couple of days but I was too late. Didn’t realise how valuable the DLC codes were.

Do let us know if the unused codes still work.

Enjoy :wink:

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Will do. I only got it because even if sadly I cannot play online it’ll give me a lot of nostalgia and just wanna see all the cars and tracks and everything. I will be gutted if the codes don’t work. That wouldn’t be his fault if it’s sealed and doesn’t look resealed or anything and has official stickers that hasn’t been broken, then I would have to contact Microsoft and ask what’s going kn because they are unused codes.
I shouldn’t have an issue but yeah, this game came out I think October 2011, I was 19 years old and 9 months. Feels so long ago now sadly but I had some of the best memories on that game apart from halo 3 and other iconic games earlier or around then. :')

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How come you can’t play online, have the Forza 4 servers been down / are permanently down too?

Last time I remember the FM3 servers still being up was when the auction house was still working.

No I’m just saying IF… I really hope they’re still up but since they don’t really give a crap about their legacy games or their fan base that much I wouldn’t be surprised if they went down/crashed or they stopped them without saying anything.

Fingers crossed people are still playing it to this day. Now to find my old xbox 360 slim. Can’t remember if I gave that away to my nephew or sold it, which I shouldn’t have lol.

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Forza’s engineers have tested the servers for Legacy games. Forza Support has updated info on Legacy titles and features that are no longer available due to age.

When you say tested, does that imply that the servers are still active with albeit certain features unavailable or removed as per the link you gave us?

Were they tested and found to be ‘working’?


That’s for fm3, would the same be said for fm4?

Also a bit general saying: “Players may experience a “Feature Unavailable” message”. That could be for anything or everything online about the game. Why don’t they come out and say that most or all online functionality is gone and won’t be back or something to be transparent with the players.
But I guess when I get my new copy of fm4 lce and find out nothing works online, that’s how it will be :confused:

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Thanks for your input however, appreciated. But also with EnjoyMyTaxes question, what was the result of “engineers” “testing”?

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Jumped on again today, nothing except matchmaking is live, but no one is actively playing either. Leaderboards, storefronts, auction house, all sadly still down and may stay that way forever sadly. Confirmation would be nice from T10.

Can’t speak for FM4 but I managed to finally get my hands on a collector’s edition too, hopefully online still works over there.

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For forza 3 I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept anything online tbh. It was a good game but Def fm4 up’ed it quite a bit and is considered the goat for most people for forza motorsport. If they have nearly nothing online working for that (i know it’s been like 11 years) I’ll be a bit sad :frowning:

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All I ask are achievements. They don’t even give those achievements. I really don’t understand. Xbox 360 has been supported by Microsoft, we have many BC games, Microsoft has the source code, the developers, the money, the Achievement System, the servers… But we who pay live gold subscription (also Game Pass) can’t get those achievements rightfully.