Seriously what the hell is going on with this game.

I have been playing forza since forza 3 and I have never felt the need to post on the forum until today.
So I was prepared to accept the odd glitch or bug like the cars sometimes being grey instead of the correct colour but today I have an issue where no tracks at all will load in free play. I am now at my wits end with this game it is literally not playable and by the way this is on Xbox not pc. I have tried everything, completely rebooting my Xbox, tried playing something else then back to forza but still the same problems persist.
Has anyone had this issue, this is a totally unacceptable bug. At this point I am thinking of requesting a refund, something which I have never done before on a game and I have been gaming for over 20 years.


Yup Freeplay has issues with loading Drivatars and this will cause the track to not load at all.

Multiple buckets are one of the key causes that I have found.

If I drive with no extra buckets it seems to work fine.

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It’s another glitch. You’ve probably enabled bucks and then maybe changed them. To correct this change from custom to circuit, or if already on circuit, cycle through timed, drag and back to circuit. Should fix your issue. I had the Friday evening and someone kindly pointed out how to fix it.

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Wow… just wow. Instead of a decline in the amount of bugs it almost looks like every day there are new ones that affect more and more people. I’ve had some issues with sound, the grey cars and a couple CTD’s. Nothing really gamebreaking for me so far but I’m really starting to worry what tomorrow brings if this continues.


Depending on the bugs it is true that fixing an issue I might have for example could give someone who has been having a trouble-free run since the game was released an unintentional disaster. Being self-centered and long-suffering I can cope with that. But a patch does bring on anxiety.


This is the way things are now. Games are developed under difficult deadlines with little pre-release quality control. And on top of that micro transactions have reared their ugly head in full price AAA titles and are probably here to stay.

And even if they don’t the economy of this game and many others is set up to keep money gained just high enough to make you feel like you could earn it but slow enough it takes real dedication to get there. Haven’t bought it yet but heard about the nasty need for speed that just launched with almost all of the same “gambling” and “loot crates” of Forza.

I wanted to not sound bitter but unfortunately I couldn’t help myself. The way games are today are the players fault just as much as the developers. We get bored too quickly and demand DLC or sequels and developers see dollar signs. In return we get half a game delivered every two years with the other half stuck behind DLC or pay to play paywalls.

The only way the state of video gaming changes is if players really do speak with their wallets. Stop preordering games, stop buying season passes, stop purchasing in game currency with real money. Then games will be developed properly, quality control will be done, game reviews will be posted before release, if DLC is released it will be high quality and affordable, and micro transactions will disappear.

But that won’t happen.

In real life new home buyers sometimes “pre-order” their homes and can end up with real issues much in the same way we as gamers have ended up with $60.00 AAA titles that release with glitches and bugs, not to mention content missing so that DLC can be released. Home buyers get pre-approved for a loan on a house built in a covenant controlled neighborhood and the builder cuts as many corners as possible to maximize his profits. I heard about a builder that would lay rebar for foundations in one house, have the inspector approve it, then he would pull the rebar and lay it in place in the next lot while the first house gets a foundation with no rebar in the concrete. This is similar to how gamers give developers money based purely on limited advertising and promises for a game not released yet and it does not live up to expectations.


Yep I had it till it was fixed in a patch and since then it has happened a few more times but can now be easily fixed. When you go to free play go to the free play menu then press Y on the controller this will reset your menu I do this for evey menu I can tab to, then exit Freeplay and then go back to freeplay and it should now load, I use buckets all the time with out to much hassel it seemes to be when you change Divisions that Freeplay wont load correctly.

Yeah it’s like they didn’t test anything


Unfortunately this is sad current state of most software now a days. Completely artificial deadlines drive things and quality is falling to the way side. The last three tablet games I have played when down this road. They started off great and then got driven right into the ground by this behavior. Sad to see FM going down this path.

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Thanks for your help on this one, I changed the setting from circuit to timed and it actually managed to load. I was so looking forward to this version of Forza particularly being able to play in 4k, I won’t even get into the features that should have been included in this game that aren’t like dynamic time of day, animated pit stops and an option to do qualifying, I can learn to live without those although it would have made to game so much better had they been included.

But the bugs, seriously, considering this is a showcase title for the new Xbox One X, the issues with this game are just embarrassing. The coin sound glitch, tracks not loading in free play, cars appearing grey, scenery bleed through the roof on some cars, car liveries not being correct in the left hand panel when you are using a custom livery and finally drivertars causing pile ups at the start of races and generally ramming you off the track.

This is without doubt the poorest quality Forza title I have played, such a shame.


I’ve been playing since Forza 1 only skipping FM5 and agree that FM7 seems to be the most buggy version to date. However, being in the IT field I’m still impressed by how much effort it must have required to program something this complex. Some have suggested that the release date was rushed and perhaps that caused the problems. I don’t know the reasons but I just hope that the bugs are steadily resolved and that the root causes of the overall quality decline are analyzed and addressed when they start working on FM8.

I think its good that aside from the amount of cars and tracks GT Sport really delivers a highly polished gaming experience and a very well put together online experience, the best i had in a racing game. Period. I also think Turn10 got too comfortable after Forza 4 clearly took the lead from the GT series and now it shows in how sloppy Forza 7 is put together. Lackluster campaign, horrid looking replays, bugs, glitches, freezes, annoying menu music, unnecessary animated menus on top of that etc etc.
As a Forza fan since FM4 i really hope that FM 8 will show the lesson learned from the release debacle that FM7 is now. All review scores dont reflect the technical state of the game. They just reviewd the number of cars and tracks and that was it. GT Sport may not have the same amount of content and lacks a true single player campaign. But when you just drive it, it makes so much more fun for me, even with the limited content.

The bugs are extremely frustrating, when the game works it’s a joy and rather addicting (i skipped forza 5/6 though)

The credit/coin noise glitch is just silly, it wasn’t there on release i’m sure of it. I’ve noticed when the game is on high/ultra on PC either fixed or ‘dynamic’ the tracks vanish, tree’s/foliage pop and stuttering. My PC is high end as well and FPS seems to just sit at 72FPS regardless of settings picked? g-sync is buggy as well.

I’ve resorted to running the game on dynamic MEDIUM with a scale of 4k resolution so it still looks half decent.

Things like the MX-5 gear changing uses the indicator stalk as a flappy paddle gear changer? stuff like this is just annoying.

Saying all that though I have actually completed all campaign and thoroughly enjoy the older cars available to tune and play around with… it’s alot of fun.

Bottom line, told everyone I know to NOT get the Xbox One X esp for this game. There was already little reason to upgrade my S and drop $550 bills, but buying $550 in problems is not cool at all

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So when’s the next patch coming out?

Had my first time hitting an invisible wall last night. Was about 15 laps in to a 20 lap race on the Alps and going around a corner with the 2nd place AI to my right. Started to get a little sideways causing slow down so I hit rewind, got to same spot and my car and 2nd place car, side by side just stop and all the other drivatar are driving over us. Hit rewind, again same thing. Rewound three times before resuming, not allowing 2nd place to get to my side and all was good from then on out.

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