Series 29 Rivals bugged?

I also have received nothing and ive beaten like 6 rivals without hitting anything

Someone asking if anyone has heard anything from the developers, funny, they must be new because the developers completely ignore the customers which is sad and wrong especially when they constantly create bugs like this. They ban people foe something they had no control over yet you see all these obvious hackers with insane speeds at zones and traps as well as distances at the jumps that are impossible to do. Turn 10 devs are pathetic!

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There is no real dev working on FH4 ?!

not sure how many bugs ive reported. Thats my Tickets with multiple Bugs

The #129433 Ticket contains already 10 Bugs or whatever and many not reported because noone cares

Someone who worked on the code before and knows where to look can fix all these bugs in one day! And there are Bugs that can be fixed without touching code.

Look around:
switch to forza tab with half the ppl you can build new horizon

There was a extra studio needed to port from xbox to xbox

"@ForzaHorizon · 23. Juli Forza Horizon 4 will be optimized for the Xbox Series X at launch with Smart Delivery. "
Enough time to port and test without extra studio but after rls a hotfix was needed so yeah :wink: Its max 1 day with recompile + tests and some hours for gametesters.

They “worked hard to increase Garage Size to 1000” (kidding?) pretty sure there is some #define GARAGE_LIMIT 1000 or set in some config. means 10min of work + recompile.

Doing dev/re for 23yrs now but think some student with c/c++ knowledge is able to fix everything in <5 Days
cant digg deeper and debug without risking a ban (msg me i fix it for free :D)

Yea, as I said the devs just completely ignore the customers and they have for years, I have made multiple cases but all I ever would get is stupid things like reboot the console or PC or verify files and stuff that I had already tried multiple times. The big flag here is the fact that there is NO ACTUAL support page for the forza games. What they call a support page is just a FAQ. These devs have gotten to the point where they have enough money so they just don’t care about the people who gave them all that money anymore, they are pathetic.

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Thats not how it works.
Click credits in the Game thats the Team but they moved to other Projects/Studios whatever. There are no xxx ppl sitting around waiting for something fix. Project was done then u keep some ppl for the DLC when its not done already. All the “new” Cars are in since whatever. There is Microsoft and all the others wich gets Money not a bunch of devs. Servers and all the stuff keeping the game alive costs. Working in the support team doesnt mean you worked at the project itself. Sometimes support is fully outsourced or some players are working for support. Turn off/on works many times but not every time. And the support person wich sends u “have u tried turning it off and on” or “This sounds like an issue that we’re currently investigating.” ;D is not working for free. And yeah even the faq page/forum costs money.
Other side is the time (game from 2018) for sure there is some new horizon in progress not sure how many cars it was to complete horizon photochallenge (think it was 730 and with last update you have 723) but then its done when last car is released (no idea what roadmap says). Means hiring new teams/people, ads, licenses, this and this, new costs… They are not reinventing the wheel so new horizon is using codebase from 4 when not fixed bugs from 4 too. And you have the car manufacturers wich say bla u cant show our car like this and bla no way our car gets damaged like this and so on wich means u cant do everything ppl wants to be included.

You can see in many places how much love they’ve put into the game (played hundreds of hours and can see something new everyday) and yes its sad that there is no communication and it feels noone cares afterwards but its to easy to say “they are pathetic”

I’m sure you are correct, but it’s poor that it’s like that. They could at least have waited a short amount of time after release to get the initial feedback and do some work on those things. Let’s face it, there would be no “sitting around waiting” involved, there has never been any shortage of things that need fixing.

Compare how poor the updates to FH4 have been in terms of fixing problems with the number of fixes in the last update for AoE II DE, for example:

Having said that, AoE II DE has its fair share of longstanding issues that the devs appear to be struggling to fix, too.

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add one to the list of people who cant complete this
please dont kill my attempt at the encore achievement a week in you scumbags

add another to the list of it not popping

Same here, it won’t pop to gold after way too many clean races…
Please fix!

Same here, xbox one x

Well, at least I’m not alone. I know I’ve posted at least 3 clean laps and haven’t got it completed. Seriously, the devs need to start getting their act together… the bugs are mounting up and ignore any report of obvious hackers. Its not fun anymore.

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Well, at least I’m not alone. I know I’ve posted at least 3 clean laps and haven’t got it completed. Seriously, the devs need to start getting their act together… the bugs are mounting up and ignore any report of obvious hackers. Its not fun anymore.

Add me to the list of it not unlocking.

Same here. None of us are going to get 100% for this forzathon unless this gets fixed quick.

I’m barely gonna be passing the 80% mark until it’s fixed… Tried doing the Online Adventure, but it sure lived up to the rumors of being full of toxic players incapable of doing a race without turning it into a demolition derby. :expressionless:

same here did rivals but did not say complete did 4 times glad i am not the only one

sane here did rivals clean laps not showing completed

sane here no clean lap showing or complete

Yeah, I got the same bug! Really annoying because the last I can play before Autumn is Tuesday

I’m assuming that even if it takes a week to fix when we play autumn it will retrospectively be applied to summer.