Series 10 Update, livestream & Release Notes

As I understand it the gearboxes are only for the rear wheels, so theoretically you should be able to just remove the front motors and make the car RWD that way, with a signifikant loss in hp of course. I doubt they will give us that option though.

The Rimac could be an excellent drag car, though. Or it could turn out to be very good in the PR Stunts and #Forzathon Live.

The new cars are :

2014 Maserati Ghibli S Q4 - unlocked by winning the Summer Community Championship
1969 FIAT Dino 2.4 Coupé - unlocked by completing 50% of the Autumn Season Playlist
1970 AMC Rebel ‘The Machine’ - unlocked by winning the White Knuckle Ride Championship in Winter
2019 Rimac C_Two - unlocked by completing 50% of the Spring Season Playlist

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Excited to get my hands on the Ghibli…
To tease the appetite…, Check me taking it for a spin, wayback in FH2:
Bear in mind i was still an Amateur then😅

Maserati Ghibli Gameclip

Things I never wanted to hear were “this reminds me of something we’ve got planned” (as an s2 hypercar is trying to find any sort of grip on a gravel road, “S2 offroad”, and “Sorry for the D class guys in rental isettas, that’s not where the fun was”.
I’m Sorry, but ENOUGH wacky races, please. Give us a normal logical seasonal race, don’t make us run bone stock muscle cars in the dirt, don’t make us run vans offroad, no more bone stock Mitsu vs Subie (Again). PLEASE make good seasonal races next time.

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FH4 Release Notes: June 4th, 2019

There are 3 businesses in the game. World’s Fastest Rentals, Isha’s Taxis, and The Car Files. They are similar to the other Horizon Stories, but they play different: first you purchase them for credits (like houses), and then they can give you credits each day (check your messages in game). If you own one of these businesses, and get all the stars in it, you get around 12,500 credits every 24 hours. So if you complete all three businesses, you get three times that amount every day.

The Star Card’s Story Collector series of challenges has a challenge called ‘The Magnate’, in which you need to earn 2,000,000 credits from your businesses. Instead of counting them since the beginning, it will start counting these credits from the day the update is released and active (which means this Thursday if I undestand this correctly). This is needed to unlock the gamertag flair “Story Superstar”, which looks like an open book.

it happens to me every now and then that I don’t receive any daily credit at all for the businesses, and it is so from the beginning.
When it happens cr are simply lost because I don’t receive the missing cr the next day when I log again in the game. Maybe the server are sometimes too busy :frowning:
Fortunately the situation has improved compared to the first few months and now it happens more rarely but still continues to happen

Gotcha, I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t have to do all 3 business locations over again. So in approximately 8 weeks I’ll have that challenge complete I guess.

AMC Rebel?! Not the Pacer X?!

Booo. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Not even a full GB. Thats a tiny update compared to previous downloads

It says 1,55 GB on PC. Anyway it’s mostly four cars and and the Star Card, no wonder it isn’t a huge file.

They always say Thursday, and then release it Tuesday.

Seasons start on Thursday, updates are generally on Tuesday.

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So, …data says ‘voting limited variety in FH3,’ …to some degree, perhaps, but if promoting variety is a goal, the decisions to exclude D, C, and B classes from online play and removal of off-road events from S2 seem to contradict that goal…

  • current recurrence of having same championships proposed twice a row ( same race type, same class and same season ) .
    imho, having like 4 seasons, 4 race types, 3 online race classes, 48 possibilities, we should never have twice the same championship in a row, never.
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Never have I seen the same class, season and type of race come up twice. I have however seen the same lobby come up back to back with DIFFERENT classes

They should remove S2 everything from online except custom adventures