Seems like you only race 2 cars is singleplayer race

I just saw gameplay on supergt channel and noticed that 2 cars on top were always much quicker than the rest. Any news on option to make whole grid even?
Because if you set difficulty to make 2 cars on top challenging, than you just overtake most of the grid in first second. If you set opposite way, than 2 cars on top will be impossible to overtake.
And I guess most people would agree, that if we have over 20 cars on track, it will be more fun to race all of them, and just 2 while the rest are just dots on minimap and nothing more.

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I don’t agree for one.

It’s not at all realistic to overtake the whole field every race, and you have to set the difficulty low enough to make that possible which just makes the other cars slow road blocks.

I’d rather have the difficulty up and battle a few cars hard for an intense race, than some stupid back to front hero run.

They’re likely just higher PI cars, or maybe (like in real life) some AI drivers are slightly better than others. I think it makes for more realistic feeling racing.

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Wouldn’t it be fun to have intense race with different number of cars than 2, every, single, race?

For you to pass 20+ cars in 4 laps you have to be way faster than them, simple as that.

You’re not “racing” any of them, they’re just moving roadblocks until you get to someone your pace that is actually challenging.

I find it way better to have a proper challenging battle, than to overtake slow roadblocks.

But hey, the game lets you choose which way you want to go.


as long as there isnt a runaway AI im fine with it

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Both SuperGT and HokiHoshi’s previews seem to indicate that this is still going to be a problem.


They should have just added qualifying.


This is also notable in the Horizon games, especially with higher difficulties. If you play the race without any too aggressive techniques, there will always be a pair or one driver that seems to gain more distance in the minimap than the rest. (Hence, the term runaway). I had to do several restarts (playing with no rewinds) and REALLY aggressive overtaking to beat Unbeatables since by the time I get past most of the “traffic”, the first two are already impossible to reach. Such is the rubber-banding of the game.

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If I’m not mistaken, the game measures lap times during practice and gives you table with results at the end… so in theory you could manually choose your starting position based on that, almost like with qualifying :smile:


Right. Sometimes in anything goes x class races I also lost to ford focus, bmw m4s while driving a ferrari!!!

This is the same AI system as in previous Forza games, with the same issues. AI cars ram into you, don’t take you into account when cornering, they turn into you on straights, and there’s always one or two AI cars every race that leave the rest of the field in the dust, often including you, regardless of your set difficulty. This is basically the same flawed “Drivatar” system that has made racing unrealistic in previous entries.

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I’d say thats why they came up with the challenge the grid option. so that you can start in 4th for example and then just start off racing hard but clean instead of having to bash your way up to 4th by the end of the first lap and then try to close in on the top 3


That’s what I hope for, that game allow me to have option for even grid. If I would like to race 2 cars, why not remove the rest of the grid and use hardware resources on something else?
Game didn’t came out yet so I still have hopes.
GT7 came with every race being rolling start and spread out, that became boring pretty fast. Here I see that every race will be super easy p3 and just racing for 2nd and 1st, no matter where you start on grid. I feel already how repetitive this can get.

Precisely what I intend to do, with higher difficulty settings as well!

Yes i know you can do that, but i just don’t know why manually choosing your grid position was chosen over a normal qualifying system. The credit reward difference is minimal, i dont see most people choosing anything but pole position. So they have people practice for a 3 lap race by the way, to seemingly see how they stack up, just to be able to bypass starting where you most likely should.

If i was in a real race and qualified 10th then finished in 3rd or 4th, it would be a pretty good achievement considering i know im slower than 9 other people. Other than having to farm xp, what does practicing really add if it doesnt actually matter if i can just start in 1st place and block my way to the win. I just think a system that sets realistic expectations would benefit players for single as well as multiplayer.


This is how the Forza AI have always been. And it looks like nothings actually changed with that. As far as we know. The whole game could be a smoke and mirrors iteration.

If you want, you can just choose where you place yourself based on your lap times. HokiHoshi showed that in his review :+1: So you can essentially do normal qualifying if you want


This is old rabbit chase prevalent since the 90s and which Gran Turismo made mainstream (unfortunately). It’s gonna be annoying to deal with, as usual.

I’d very much prefer if the grid was decided by a qualifying session (that could be instead of the “practice” they have now), and the AI was fair to race against. This “you decide where you want to start from” method just doesn’t make any sense, and is as unrealistic as it gets.