Seasons change in offline

I’m interested in a small detail. How will the time of the year change if you disconnect the Internet for a long time? And will it change at all? In life, anything can happen.

If your disconnected from the internet the seasons will change based on the system clock. So in theory you can change the system clock up a week to manually change the season while offline. Playground have also said you can select a season when creating a race with the blueprint tools, but it will go back to whatever season it was when you exit the race…

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Thanks for the detailed answer :))) From the Russian media there is very little information about the various details of Forza Horizon 4, and in the video of Turn 10, I can not translate everything.

For anyone doing only offline gameplay, will the four seasons change like in online (shared world) gameplay)? I

ask because I plan to play offline only. And I’m not a fan of snow or rain races. They add variety and challenge,

but the fun wears off after a few races. My wishlist/request is that offline users can set their choice of

weather and time of day for individual races, similar to FH3’s good “blueprint an exhibition” options.

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Seasons will still change in offline mode. You can only set the season in Blueprint mode.

Yeah, thanks to blueprint you shouldn’t have to race in the rain or snow if you don’t want to.

Can you manually set season, weather and time of day in free roam? I want to take some interesting images in the game and I want to be able to get specific with these elements.

Sadly no, unfortunately there’s no way to change the season or time of day.

However, as a workaround you can blueprint an event in the desired season and time of day, so you could pick an event near where you want to do the photo and just drive there and ignore the event.

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Bummer you cant customize it, I like your tip and will see how that goes.

have you looked at private freeroam yet

Just did a winter shot using this method, it works but it’s really clunky. If you drive too far from the track it will reset you back on the track, so the route needs to be pretty close to the desired photo location.

Got a winter photo of Edinburgh from Aurthur’s Seat though.

I know that many people would like the ability to manually set the season to our liking in free roam offline/solo mode. I realize you can set the season in blueprint races but then it reverts back once you return to free roam…which defeats the purpose.

Just from looking around online and social media this seems to be a highly requested feature so please make it happen?!

Thank you

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Does anyone know if there is a way to lock in a season while playing solo (off-line)?

I know I can customize races for a particular season; however, since we don’t have rivals (in the conventional way) the only way I have to test cars is to drive them around. The only season I can depend on relatively dry roads is Summer; therefore, I would like to LOCK the season to Summer in Solo Play.