Sorry, i hope it is not the wrong place and it’s not answered just a hundred times.
I have The Xbox one and Forza 5 since day one.
After two days i unplugged the kinect cam and put it away with the carton of the xbox one.
With other words, i am not a fan of kinect, i have not been on the 360 and i refuse to see this peace on or under my tv.
So my question is, it is possible to upload replays from Forza 5 to youtube without kinect?
I think i have to use upoad studio. But if i am not wrong, this only works with kinect connected?
I am wondering because considering that the box is sold now even without kinect, there should be a solution. (update)

Sorry again, if this is the wrong place but i searched for this topic in the FAQ without success.
Until today i registered some videos with my smartphone from screen but i hope there i even another solution without using kinect.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Press guide button and then choose snap and snap Game dvr. Then choose end clip and last 5 minutes or however much you want.

Once saved go to your pins and open upload studio to edit it.

Once saved there after edits exit and open the YouTube app.

Choose the upload option and it should show the file you just saved.

Thank you for your reply, SatNiteEduardo.

My problem is, that the program UPLOAD STUDIO always asks to connect the kinect cam.
Last time i tried yesterday night.
Or am I doing something wrong?

Quick search (on Google) for the words:

xbox upload studio without kinect

and limiting the search to the past month…

Lots of results, including several YouTube videos demonstrating how to use Upload Studio without Kinect.