S class cars wasting r class racing(alot of time)

What is it with people upgrading s class cars to r class and then wasting races for the majority. Im not saying everyone cant drive a s class upgraded to r but I have seen this a lot in forza 6 so far. These people seem to think that taking a s class car to the max is the way to win, just because it can bomb down straights, but then they are side swiping everyone on corners, crashing into people as they lose control as the cars have little down force to corner like a proper r class car. Either practice with your r class builds in single player or stick to s class please, you are ruining the r class experience for people who enjoy racing this class, rant over

Care to give any examples? I haven’t been online for a few days as I’m on holiday but I have plenty of cars that start life as S class that I take up to R class and are very competitive. Off the top of my head the F40 and Enzo are both great fun in R class and are easy to control plus the latest Ford GT.

Not having a dig just genuinely curious. Would also think this may be less of an issue if you could upgrade all of the GT cars to the top of R class instead of just a few.